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Banner Advertising on

Placing your banner on exposes your business to hundreds of thousands of potential customers for only a fraction of the cost of a typical print ad.


Banner Size Location Rotation Month-to-Month* 12-Month Plan**
728px x 90px Top of Homepage (above the "Featured RVs") 1 of 6 $600 $500
728px x 90px Interior Page, top of page below the breadcrumb text 1 of 6 $200 $160
300px x 250 px Side Bar Home Page Above The Fold 1 of 1 $500 -
300px x 250px Side Bar Home Page Below The Fold - $400 -
728px x 90px RVUSA Forum, top of page 1 of 6 $300 $200
240px x 85px RVUSA Forum, side of forum homepage 1 of 6 $200 $160
468px x 60px Header, Top of 1 Interior Page 1 of 6 $200 $160
468px x 60px State-Site Banner, top of homepage 1 of 6 $200 $160
468px x 60px Mfg-Site Banner, top of homepage 1 of 6 $200 $160

*No Contract Required, 30-day Notice Required to Cancel (auto CC only)
**12-Month contract/commitment charged per month (auto CC each month, or pay up front by check for the full 12 months)

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