On occasion, my team is copied on lead replies from sales people at dealerships to the person interested in buying an RV or trailer. Sometimes the reply is good, but overwhelmingly, they are lacking in the basics, especially since the person is actively interested in buying something! I am passionate about customer service, so seeing these lazy replies gets me fired up. I’ve put together some very simple tips on how your dealership sales team can easily improve their email communication, thereby providing better service to potential customers.

1. Don’t make the customer work for information
A huge part of your job is to make it easy for customers to do business with you. Answer their questions with specifics and offer related details. If you refer them back to your website, include the proper link(s). I am always surprised at how many replies from the dealership are simply “Take a look at the website for more info.” That is not helpful to them and it’s risky for you. They may find your competitor in the process and your competitor might provide better customer service.

2. Be as detailed as you would if they were on the phone or in person.
I have seen an email from a shopper that says something like “Is this unit still in stock?” and the reply from the salesperson is simply “yes”. That’s it! This kind of reply may be intended as a simple answer to a simple question, but it actually comes across as lazy. If you wouldn’t just say “yes” to a shopper on the lot and then walk away, don’t do it via email either. Use this opportunity to tell the shopper about a few of the great features, how many you have left, the warranty, the different packages that are available, or perhaps about a special offer that’s ending soon. Your knowledge of the product and the time you take to answer them speaks volumes about how you service customers.

3. Call whenever possible!
If the lead has provided a phone number, they are providing permission for you to call them. This is the BEST way to follow up for several reasons:

  • It’s an instant connection that omits the need to wait for a reply.
    It allows for you to answer all the questions they have and some they didn’t know they had in one communication. No thread of multiple emails needed.
  • A call makes it much easier to gauge their actual interest and set up a meeting to see the unit in person if they are a qualified buyer.
  • It also allows you to offer a different model if the one they inquired about doesn’t fit their needs or budget.
  • If they did not provide a phone number, reply to the email using the tips above and ask for their phone number or offer to set up a time for them to come in and see the unit.

Take the time to show leads that you want their business and are willing to invest time to service them well. It only takes a little effort to make a big difference.

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