When your business is looking for a total email, application, and communication solution, a Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services may be the perfect custom, convenient solution. Whether your business is bustling with 100 or more employees, or you’re a smaller mom and pop-type with only 5-10, Office 365 Managed Services can work for you. Within these plans, your business can access the collection of Microsoft applications and Microsoft Teams for internal chat and video communication. Best of all, file sharing and storage can be accessed from anywhere in the world- as long as you have internet connectivity!

In addition to access of all the top applications and tools, you’ll have support for all your Microsoft 365 products whenever you need it. The team at NetSource will guide your business in managing this service, offering your business peace of mind and convenience. Want to learn more? Let’s dive into the benefits of a NetSource Office 365 Managed Services plan for your business!

Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services: Get Access to More

Office 365 Managed Services provide access to more than just a few Microsoft applications and emails. With a Microsoft 365 subscription, formerly Office 365, your business will have access to all the Microsoft applications your plan allows.

This can include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • OneDrive

The full plan includes collaborative applications like Teams, Planner and SharePoint to help your business connect and flow smoothly. Expand outside of Outlook for better workflow and collaboration in a managed Office 365 plan.

Work from Anywhere

Managed Office 365 has adapted to a modern work environment. Your team members can collaborate across the globe and can work from anywhere. Log into your Microsoft Office software at the office or from home and get access to everything you were working on. No Office download needed! Everything is in the cloud and accessible online.

Microsoft 365 Managed plans grow with your business!

Plans That Grow with Your Business

Office 365 Managed Services can scale with your business. You can add or remove users as your business grows and changes over time. Adding licenses is easy, so you don’t have to worry about new hires and changing employees. And if you’re in a Microsoft 365 Managed plan, it’s even more convenient. Adding, removing, or changing plans is as simple as contacting NetSource with changes!

High Level Security

Even small businesses can have Bill Gates-approved security with Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services. All your data is securely stored in Microsoft datacenters. Additionally, Microsoft offers two-factor authentication to make sure you’re the only one able to access your information. With Office, email encryption is automatically applied to everything you send. Only the authorized recipient can decode the information in your email, ensuring all your business email content is secure.

Collaborative Editing

Your team can collaborate easily with Office 365 Managed Services, from anywhere! Multiple people can edit the same Word document or Excel sheet at the same time, allowing for real-time collaboration. No more sending documents back and forth and waiting for edits! See the changes your team members are making as they happen, or catch up on all the changes next time you open the document.

Collaboration between employees in any business is vital.
Top Benefit of Microsoft 365 Managed Plans is Convenience

While we realize any business can purchase a Microsoft 365 license and plans for business on their own, we also understand efficiency. The most sought after commodity in business is often time. As a digital marketing agency with over 25 years in business, we know this struggle, too. We want to offer all clients the same simple and streamlined services we have found to be beneficial through the years. Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services through NetSource by way of a custom plan is one of our favorite beneficial services to offer. We keep your business connected from anywhere, as it should be. 

Don't stress about Microsoft 365 plans!

Regardless of the size of your team, or where you’re located within the United States, NetSource Media can provide your business with the custom Microsoft 365 Managed plan that’s just right for you!

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