With everything in the business world being digital, your dealership’s online presence is one of the most important keys to your success. One of the ways you can boost your online presence and customer engagement is through a blog. Blog’s provide not only SEO benefits, but also give your dealership a better way to connect with customers on a more personal level.

Still to this day business owners don’t realize the importance of having a blog on their website. However, a study done by The State of Inbound revealed that over 52% of business to business marketing experts say that a blog is the most critical tactic to achieve content marketing success in 2017. Read the 4 reasons your dealership needs a blog below.

Increase your SEO

Google continuously indexes your dealership’s website so a blog can improve your SEO in a significant way. Just think, every blog post is another index page packed full of keywords needed to make your dealership easier to find. Maintaining your dealership blog through daily, weekly, or bi-weekly postings will keep you one step ahead of competitors. Search engines will recognize that your blog posts are original, valuable content and will reward you for having it, putting your dealership closer and closer to the top of search rankings.

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Great content is timeless. Hubspot says that 70% of the traffic each month on their own blog doesn’t even come from the current month the post was published. Instead, the traffic comes from posts that are months old, sometimes years.

If you need help improving your SEO using a blog, experts at NetSource Media specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Content Generation will help you get results.

Drive More Traffic to your Dealership Website

Having a blog widens your potential audience. You have customers who might use a search engine to look up your website; however, that’s an audience that exists already. Having a dealership blog allows you to cover more topics and provide advice to potential customers who may be searching for information for their RV lifestyle.

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One of the best things about your blog is that it is YOUR blog! Even in a lifetsyle post, you can include a call-to-action linking back to your own website. You can suggest a recommendation, give a dealership tip or even promote a service you provide. This drives organic traffic to your website and is essentially free advertising.

Create Better Relationships with Your Customers

Blogs can help you relate to your customers by sharing relevant information they actually want and need. Having a blog creates a two-way conversation between you and your customers through comments and social media. Your dealership blog can help you promote the RV lifestyle, new units, top brands, etc. Creating quality content can also encourage your customers/fans to share your blog with their friends.

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BuildYour Dealership’s Brand

Consistently writing blog posts and creating real customer relationships helps you build your dealership’s brand and its trust. Having well written articles about your dealership and related content will prove your expertise in the industry. Having posts that are personal to your brand, such as the dealership Christmas party or a charity event that you and your employees participate in will give your dealership a friendly feel.

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If you don’t have a blog for your dealership and aren’t sure where to look, experts at NetSource Media will help you get started. Contact us today for more information.



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