As a dealer, there is no end to the benefits of social media. It gives you the power to not only connect with potential customers, but also build relationships with existing customers, and with 46 percent of web users using social media when making a purchase, you can’t afford to have an infrequent posting schedule or neglect it all together.

In this blog we examine, arvusalogo subsidiary of NetSource Media, as an example to give you some ideas on how to maximize your interaction with customers and ultimately achieve better sales.


By offering helpful tips, it signals that you care about helping your customers do more than just buy from you. Tips not only keep your customers engaged, but they build trust in your brand, too! Safety, cooking and housekeeping tips are great for this kind of post.

cleaning tip

2. Products

Social media is a great way to feature your products. Whether you’re running a sale or just want to feature a specific item, social media gets your products in front of a large audience that might not have seen it otherwise. By posting photos of your products and links to your site, you’re also driving traffic to your NetSource Media website and increasing sales!


3. Quotes, Humorous and Holidays

It’s important that all your posts aren’t just about your business. Including posts that aren’t self-promoting ensures your social media presence doesn’t have an infomercial feel. Take the time to relate to your customers. No matter what you’re selling, people buy from people, and there’s a person behind your company. Use these posts to be transparent and build your brand.

holiday post


4. Contests and Deals

Deals are a great way to boost sales for your company, and by using social media to promote them, you can reach more potential customers.


 5. Lifestyle and Local Interest

Is there a really cool farmers market or a great campground near you? Tell your followers! A local interest or lifestyle post is a great way to manage your reputation as a company that’s invested in delivering better customer service.



In addition to your posts, respond to customer comments. Unlike advertising, social media is intended to be a two-way conversation. Use it as a tool to build connections with your customers!

Remember, every company is different, so use the social media site’s insights to see what works best for you! Quality social media requires a little extra time, but you’ll be rewarded in extra traffic and sales.

Do you have another type of post you find increases your customer interaction? Let us know in the comments below!


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