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Having email for your business is a necessity and no doubt every business person will agree with that statement. However, many businesses, especially small to mid-sized ones, opt to grab a free email service like hotmail or gmail to create their business’ email thinking that they are saving money or that the email source doesn’t really matter. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that if your business already has a domain name (a.k.a. www.yourcompany.com), which is your company’s website, then you have the ability to get as many domain or branded email addresses as you need for free! It’s part of your domain hosting package.

In actuality, using a domain email address rather than a ‘free’ email platform like gmail or hotmail can mean the difference between your business being taken seriously and growing or being relegated to the spam folder. Here are 7 reasons why you need to have a domain email address for your business starting today!


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Take a look at these two email addresses – [email protected] and [email protected] Which one would you rather show up in your inbox? Chances are the second one, [email protected], would be the one you would most likely take more seriously and you are not alone. Although emails addresses from gmail and hotmail are fine for personal emails, they are not appropriate for business purposes.

Having a domain email address, meaning one with the same extension as your business’ domain address – www.yourcompany.com – shows that your company is established, professional, and that you are serious about your business. It also creates a bigger image of your company even if you are currently just a small business. That is because having a domain or branded email gives your business a corporate image everywhere it goes. Domain or branded email addresses create a positive image and makes it easier for people to remember your business.

Security, Credibility, and Trust

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Unfortunately, in today’s world, gaining trust can be very hard to do. With the ongoing uptick of spam and security breaches in the news, people are becoming very skeptical and it’s becoming very hard to put their minds at ease. Most people have a higher awareness of security issues such as phishing and they are less likely to open anything that looks suspicious. Emails coming from [email protected] or [email protected] will more than likely not be taken seriously, looked upon as suspicious, and delegated to the spam box or even blocked. When this happens your business’ loses credibility. Take a look at the emails that go to your spam box and you will quickly see that most of them are from gmail.com, yahoo.com, or hotmail.com addresses.

Having a domain or branded email address helps your business build security, credibility, and trust. Domain or branded email addresses generally come with higher security measures than services from hotmail, gmail, or aol (yes, there are still people that have aol email addresses. Crazy, right?) and regardless of who hosts your website domain, your domain email address goes with you everywhere.

Helps Eliminate the Spam Filter

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I mentioned this above but it’s good to reiterate that hackers and baddies love to use emails from gmail, hotmail, or aol. Just one look at the email addresses in your spam folder can confirm this for you. So it’s no wonder that people will not trust or feel that your business is credible if it does not use a domain or branded email address. So needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, email addresses that are not domain or branded will more than likely fall into your customers’ or potential customers’ spam folders, never to be seen again.

Standardized Emails for Everyone in Your Company

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This is another feature of domain or branded emails that will help to build professionalism, credibility, and trust with your customers. When you use domain or branded email addresses you can make sure that everyone in your company has similar looking email addresses. By doing this, it shows that your business possesses a high level of professionalism and will build credibility and trust with your customers.

Using standardized emails in your business also helps your IT department be more organized when assigning new employees email addresses. Many companies have email addresses for their employees that look like [email protected] with first initial, last name, and then the domain name or [email protected] with full name and then the domain name. Whatever formula your business comes up with, keep it as consistent as possible as this will be noticed by customers and aid them in deciding whether your email is authentic or not.

You’re in Control

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This is one that many businesses do not think about and they really should. When companies allow their employs to use a business email that looks like [email protected] those employees can easily take that email address with them when they leave, which can be detrimental to your business especially if the employee leaves on bad terms.

Using a domain or branded email address for all employees allows your business to be in control by having procedures in place for assigning and deleting email addresses as employees come and go. These measures help to make your business and its sensitive data more secure, which is something that is necessary in this day and age.

Promotes Brand Awareness and Free Marketing

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Using domain or branded email addresses provides free marketing and promotes brand awareness every single time an email is sent. Every time anyone gets an email from you or anyone in your company, your company’s name gets put directly in front of their eyeballs and the more eyeballs that see your company name the more people become aware of your company, its products, and its mission. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that free marketing?

Ability to Create Custom Emails for Your Company

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A business needs many different email addresses not only for its employees but also for its different departments and contacts. The most common among these are [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc. Creating these emails again gives your business the appearance of being bigger than it is plus implies a standard of professionalism that you can’t get with gmail, hotmail, or any other free email service.

So if you take your business seriously and want others to take it seriously too then stop putting your reputation in the hands of free email services. Every business no matter how big or small should have domain or branded email addresses for every employee and department in the company. It’s easy, free (or at worst, low cost) and gives your business a standard of professionalism you can’t get with a free email service. If you are not sure how to create your business’ domain or branded email addresses, contact your website’s hosting company for directions on how to do it. Most hosting companies will not only give you directions but will create the email addresses for you if you ask nicely enough. Now get to it!

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