Back in 2017, we created a list of the “4 Reasons Why Your Dealership Needs A Blog“, however things change quickly. Digital marketing is more complex than it was 2 years ago. While many processes and components are the same, what is considered important and other nuances change very frequently. Our first article was about a “having a blog”, this time I’m going to look at this from the angle of blogging itself.

Even though content abounds, Google still cares about blogs…Thus the world cares about blogs!

So let’s look at “7 Reasons Why Your Dealership Should Blog.”

7 Reasons Why Your Dealership Should Blog

Blogging must be seen in the context of overall marketing efforts. After all, what purpose does it serve if it doesn’t result in immediate direct sales? Blogging takes resources so it’s got to be worth the effort, right? Also, all blogging is not the same. There is a difference between blogging and making blogging a priority. For example, when blogging is made a priority, organizations find they are 13x more likely to obtain a positive ROI (Hubspot). Thus, intermittent and non-technical approaches to blogging do not have the same impact.


1. Generate More Leads

Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month generated 4.5x more leads than companies publishing 0-4 per month (Hubspot). So frequency does matter. Before getting disappointed and giving up, even 4 blog posts matter in the overall scheme of generating more leads. The biggest reason for that is the value the content you post has to visitors (those already on your site – as opposed to direct organic search traffic). That’s a great thing about blogs – they serve multiple purposes/benefits (as illustrated below).

2. Build a Lead Pipeline

sales pipelineHaving leads that aren’t quite ready to purchase? You still want them to know who you are. Thoughtful blog topics that engage customers earlier in their buying journey can draw these shoppers to you. The blog can answer questions and address concerns that shoppers have throughout their shopping experience.

When blogs are promoted on your website, visitors tend to look around, reducing bounce rates because of your engaging content. Early buying cycle content also provides you the time and opportunity to develop digital relationships which often eliminate competition and expedite sales.

3. Expertise, Credibility, and Rapport

Your dealership’s blogs allow you to demonstrate your value by providing prospects with insight into your industry knowledge. It doesn’t require a huge lift because your thoughts, experience, opinions, and even links to news are valuable. Talking about new models, industry trends, news, etc. is excellent subject matter. And, by building an array of content, you are proving yourself as the dealership of choice and a trusted partner (all before a single face to face happens).

why your dealership should blog differentiator

4. Differentiate from Your Competitors

Dealerships often find differentiating themselves as very difficult. However, a blog provides two benefits in this area. First, blogs provide shoppers a library of content to assist them in decision making and understanding. Second, it provides you a platform to discuss how you deliver what others do not. Often it isn’t even necessary to identify differences as much as declare your benefits. It’s unlikely your competitors are announcing all the things they do. Frankly, it’s unlikely you are currently doing this and this is why a blog is essential.


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5. Information & Communication

Where on your website do you place information? Most dealerships never thought they needed to make announcements, explain a situation, or elaborate on what’s happening….until COVID-19. Blogs are an excellent way to provide information and communicate. It isn’t appropriate to place long popups or even multiple popups (as some agencies have done on dealership sites) when they need to deliver information. Blogs are great because they allow for video, audio, links, etc.

Using blogs allows for information to be segmented and encourages site exploration. When your own content is arguing with itself on the site, it is a problem. The idea is not for a lot of yelling, it is for presenting information so site visitors can find information that resonates with them. No matter what they seek you have content to match their needs. Anything from research or to finance and purchase, you have it on your site. After all, if everything is yelled at the same volume people stop listening.

Blogs provide an environment where someone can explore without sales overload.


6. Education & Knowledge

How long do your salespeople spend educating customers? Would you rather than be selling? If you’re in sales, would you rather be selling? Let your blog help you out. By posting videos, audio, images, or even straight text you can educate. Someone who is shopping is going to appreciate that a lot. When shoppers go home they can continue to get education. Remember, the more time they spend on you, the less time they go to competitors.

Videos are extremely popular for training and knowledge. With a blog here are no limits. You can post topics on anything from research to maintenance. Provide educational information about products, buying process, financing approval, and more. The blog becomes a great way to elaborate on the content..


7. Traffic & SEO

traffic is why your dealership should blogSEO or search engine optimization merely means aligning web content so it can be found by search engines. Blog content is easily optimized to assist in increasing website traffic. However, it would be unwise (and deceptive) to infer that by blogging you are guaranteed x% more traffic and see big changes in your website leads and conversion. However, studies have been done so there are statistics on blogging. Obviously, not all effort is equal and neither is the industry. With that said, research by orbit media found that companies that blog have a 126% better lead growth (

Here’s a hidden gem on why you should blog.

Create content with a local focus. Local search content is valuable for many reasons. Google prioritizes local search results first. So, if you make a page that is “Ocala used RV buying tips” it will rank (all things being equal) higher than a generic “Used RV Buying Tips” when searched in Ocala merely due to competitors.


Persistence & Thoughtful

Like everything else, success with blogs takes persistence and thoughtfulness. We do blogging for ourselves and also for many clients. We have systems and processes to ensure good pacing and that the content is spread throughout the buyer’s journey. As noted above, this allows for targeting a wide array of traffic and a broader audience. We identify and target keywords, utilize marketing integration, lead generation, and content marketing altogether to have maximum results.


The Bottom Line on Why Your Dealership Should Blog

Blogs are an incredibly flexible and powerful ally for dealerships. They can deliver content to site visitors as well as attract new ones. There is still a lot of room for dealerships to capture audience share, especially with locally oriented content. When it comes to web search results, competitors in the general blog universe are not as relevant as blogs in your industry.

Why should your dealership blog? By now it should be clear that blogging is one component of an overall marketing effort. But, it’s hard to pass on such a versatile contributor to your overall marketing mix.  Blogs can form the cornerstone of a value swap of quality content in exchange for leads and business through increased traffic, reputation enhancement, and engagement with your dealership.

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