Do you know if your website is ADA compliant? If not, it is important that you do as soon as possible. Websites that don’t satisfy the ADA Compliance guidelines are legally liable. Some companies have already been fined thousands of dollars from lawsuits! In our video, we discuss this and more. Lead by Accessibility & AI expert, Eli Freedman, we share how to make your website accessible to all visitors and stay legal.

ADA Compliance for Dealer Websites

Regarding how it applies to websites, ADA compliance has been confusing for many dealerships and completely off the radar for others. There is no single decisive federal requirement, guidance on compliance or fixed penalties, so it can be hard to comprehend. Most tend to believe it doesn’t apply to them or that their business isn’t big enough to be impacted. Neither of those ideas are accurate.

The most important thing to know is that there is a continually growing tide of legal action taking place regarding website ADA accessibility. This stems partially from the US Supreme Court’s rejection of hearing a lower court decision regarding the ADA. The Circuit Court found that websites must be treated as public spaces and thus require equal accessibility for all people.

This broad decision has formed the basis for legal action against websites that are non-ADA Compliant. Lawyers are catching onto the revenue potential of pursuing ADA cases: more legal demand letters to companies (and dealerships) of all sizes are being issued every day.

ADA Compliance Requirements

Websites must comply with a wide set of standards, or they’ll be subject to legal action. Remediation can be challenging because there are so many factors involved and researching the diverse and growing guidelines is not simple. However, ADA compliance is becoming the standard and those who fail to comply with it will be hit with significant legal costs.

Safeguard Your Business

To address questions around ADA compliance we held a webinar with our ADA/AI Accessibility expert. He discusses all you need to know about ADA compliance and what steps you need to take right now to be compliant and prevent legal action against your company. He covers why this issue is complicated and what your options are.

If you have not ensured your website is ADA Compliant, now is the time to do so.  It has never been as easy or affordable as it is now. If you have any questions regarding ADA compliance please contact us today. Delaying this decision could cost you a lot of money!

Want a Hands-Free ADA Solution?

Our state of the art AI solution eliminates all the challenges. It automatically fixes your website content on the fly. There’s no need to worry about manual fixes or updates: it just works!

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