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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Bing designed to put your dealership in front of a potential customer at the exact moment they are looking to buy an RV, service their RV, rent an RV, sell their RV or buy RV parts. These ads drive a significant amount of traffic to your website and attract the most qualified buyers to increase your overall leads.

Google & Bing PPC

Google & Bing utilize search engine advertising, which is paying to put your ads at the top of a search results page. Google Advertising (a.k.a. Google AdWords) offers a wide range of ad types and features, including Text ads, Picture ads, Video ads, Remarketing capabilities, and Shopping Ads. Dealerships can use PPC in a few ways:

  • Drive traffic to your website and foot traffic to your dealership
  • Promote Sales, Shows and other Dealership Events
  • Increase brand awareness and compete locally with competition

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest focus on putting your ads in front of consumers that have shown an interest in your dealership, certain RV brands, models and types. Social media consumer targeting can be broad or specific, and is highly effective at putting your ads in front of consumers who are most likely to buy from your dealership. Targeting can be based off interest, demographics, location, household income, etc. RV Dealers can use Social Media to continuously engage customers and provide RVers with advice, tricks and other lifestyle tips. In addition, paid social ads reach a very wide audience and have an average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) that is lower than Google or Bing.

Remarketing for Dealerships

Remarketing is a highly effective form of advertising which allows a company to re-advertise to customers who’ve already interacted with their dealership. This is incredibly important for Dealerships because most consumers like to research to find the right RV at the perfect price. These factors make it important for a dealer to continuously serve ads to potential customers, keep them engaged with their business and stay at the forefront of the buyer’s mind.

Google AdWords Remarketing

Remarketing capabilities on Google AdWords include text, picture and video ads which allows advertisers to re-engage with consumers through multiple platforms and ad types. The most important aspect of remarketing is to tailor ads to specific customer groups, while also keeping a consistent message.

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook offers a unique form of remarketing because Facebook Users often divulge their hobbies, interests, age, gender, location, etc., in their public profiles. The demographic retargeting is superior to most forms of remarketing platforms due to the amount of data Facebook collects.

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