NATDA launched a National Advertising Campaign for “Certified Pre-Owned” trailers this month and is helping dealers list their used trailers with the CPO logo on their website and their listings.  

The Certified Pre-Owned Trailer Program is available to all NATDA members to help bring customers to your dealership and move more trailers.  It puts a 90-day warranty on your used trailers and is designed to give your customers peace of mind on the used trailer they purchase from you.  Through the CPO Program, you can choose to cover all of your trailers or only your living quarter trailers.

Why Certified Pre-Owned?

  • The trailer has been thoroughly checked and is in good working order.
  • That you care about your customer and back up all of your used trailers with a 90 day warranty. 
  • If you sell out of state, your customer has peace of mind that they can have the repairs done at any dealership nationwide.
  • Get more money for your used trailers.  In the auto industry, CPO vehicles bring an average of $942 more than non-CPO vehicles.

How to use the Certified Pre-Owned logo:

If you are signed up for the CPO Program and want to get signed up for so you can use it on your website and ours, CLICK HERE.

If you have more questions about the CPO Program and/or would like to join NATDA, CLICK HERE.

I’m always available for any questions you may have as well, email:  [email protected].

Cindy Spencer : )

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