Before getting into the how of making how-to or tips and tricks videos for your dealership’s social media, let’s go into the why. It’s a fact that many studies reveal that people who view video online are nearly twice as likely to make a purchase as non-viewers. When it comes to Facebook, videos are shared 12 times more than links and text-based posts combined. 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. Almost one-third of total internet users are on YouTube. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos in a week.

When it comes to using video for business marketing, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, the revenue of marketers who use video grows 49% faster than non-video users, and videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement from watchers. It’s also interesting to note that 46% of video viewers take action after viewing a video.

So do you need any more reasons to get on the video bandwagon? Probably not! So how do you go about making these types of videos and what kind of equipment do you need? It’s not as hard as you might think. Here are some pointers to get you started.

What Equipment To Use


There is no need to get expensive video equipment unless you really want to. These days most smartphones have everything you need to record a great video as long as you pay attention to the lighting where you’re filming and the audio. Make sure you’re in a place without a lot of external noise other than the people speaking in the video and make sure the lighting is bright enough to see everything you’re trying to film. If you do these two things your videos will be perfect for your social media pages and website.

If you would prefer to use a video camera then there are so many digital cameras out there with great video recording capabilities that are really inexpensive. I would suggest you also get a tripod to keep the camera steady, and have someone to assist with the filming because you can’t obviously be IN the video AND operating the video camera at the same time.

The other thing you might want to get is some video editing software but you can find easy to use software for free or very low-cost online. Just take a look around and find one that appeals to you and run with it. You’ll be a video expert in no time.

Coming Up With Ideas For Videos


Now the place where most people freeze like a deer in headlights is trying to come up with ideas for videos. However, finding ideas that will engage your viewers is really not that hard. People love to watch videos and they really love to watch videos of things they’re interested in. Your social media followers have already told you that they are interested in what your business sells by following your social media accounts. So relax and start thinking about what they want to see, learn, or hear from you. Give them what they want and you’ll see your engagement and leads increase in no time.

Listen To What Your Customers Want

The best way to come up with ideas for your How-to or Tips and Tricks videos is to listen to your customers. What questions do your sales people get asked the most? What questions do your service people get asked the most? What are people calling your dealership and asking about? What kind of questions are your followers asking on your dealership’s social media pages? They are begging you for answers to these things so give them the solutions they’re looking for.

Ask Questions

Another way to get ideas is to ask your customers and followers on social media what some of their questions are about the different models you sell, issues they are having with their trailers and RV’s, and other things they would like to know to make their ownership of your products more enjoyable.

Give Tours

People also love to see tours of the RV’s and trailers you have in stock. Giving them a personal tour of the vehicles you have on the lot is one way to pique their interest and get them to come in to see more. Making a video of the deal of the day, week, or month is another way to get them interested, engaged, and ready to take action.

Get Personal

Your followers want to know who you are and what your business is about and one great way to do that is to create videos that introduce them to your staff. Let them know who will be taking care of them when they come in to buy an RV, get their RV serviced, or have a problem.

If your dealership is family owned and operated, introduce your viewers to the family and the mission of your dealership to treat them like they are part of it. Share any great moments your employees have. Did one of them make employee of the month, get married, have a baby, buy their first home or RV? Let your viewers celebrate with them by making a video about it.

Sales And Events

Are you having a sale, an event, or going to a trade show? Make a quick video to tell them about it and then follow it up with clips during the sale, event, or trade show. Interview people, have them give testimonials about your dealership and services. Invite your viewers to come down, say hello, and take part in all the excitement but also show the viewers that can’t come to the event what they’re missing so everyone feels like they’re part of the excitement.

Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to be creative either. Have fun. Show your customers that you’re down to earth and waiting to help them with anything they need and that you’ve got a sense of humor and fun. People connect and respect those that they can relate to and showing your fun side does just that.

With the ideas laid out here and your own imagination there is no limit to the videos you can create and no limit to the return on investment they will provide to you and your dealership. Just remember to keep your videos on point and professional too. Now what are you waiting for? Your customers and social media viewers are waiting to hear from you!

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