We met Dave Tosh at the NATDA Show in 2011 when he had just taken over the ownership of a trailer dealership in West Michigan. He knew he was going to need a new website, but he needed some time to complete the transfer of ownership. We kept in touch through that process and in 2013 NetSource Media worked with Dave on a new website for his dealership, Grandville Trailer. The website launched in October that year.

Early in 2015, we received the following email from Dave:

After launching the site we “listed our stock trailers and waited.  It was not long and the calls started coming in.  Within 6 months if someone Google searched anything trailer related with a local term like West Michigan, Grandville Trailer was the first unpaid or organic link.  Sometimes we would even show up several times on the first page. We started getting calls for trailers, parts, service from a bigger circle than ever before. We have sold trailers in the east side of the state, the U.P, as far west as Iowa.  I even had a guy come up from Florida to get one because I had what he wanted in stock and found it online.  The web site often sells the trailer for us, we just have to do the paperwork.  2014 for Grandville Trailer ended with an increase in sales over 40%, considering the company’s 10 year sales history of steady sales with no growth. I’d say it’s working. It’s not just trailer sales that are up, we have grown equally in all our departments: retail parts store, service, rentals.  A website from Netsource is the best investment I have made for Grandville Trailer, it works, we are being found! Oh, and 2 months in to 2015, we are up 35% again – crazy.  We sold over 600 units last year!  Probably around 650 if I count used/trade-ins.  When I took over at GT we sold 250-275 a year.”
-Dave Tosh, Grandville Trailer, www.grandvilletrailer.net

Almost ten months have passed since then, so we checked in with Dave to see how 2015 has panned out. He’s ahead of last year; in fact, the sales have nearly tripled since he took over the dealership. They are expanding their property in order to stock all of the trailers he needs to meet the demand! Dave and the team at Grandville Trailer have put a lot of hard work into making their dealership succeed. NetSource is happy to aid in that success by providing a web solution that reaches Dave’s customers.

If you’re ready to grow your dealership in 2016, call and talk to one of our sales team members at 800-709-3240. They’ll discuss your specific goals and needs with you to come up with a plan for growth and success.

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