How Dealership Marketing Automation Can Convert 80%+ of Your Lost Website Visitors

The idea of dealership marketing automation can be very broad. This is the very reason why so many shy away from the entire idea. However, we’ve removed the complexity and kept the value. So, let’s break down our exclusive maximum impact marketing automation for dealerships. 

We’ve discovered some secrets and intelligence that allow us to focus and build an affordable and streamlined method of marketing automation. It concentrates upon the most pressing issues to get the maximum benefits.

To make it easier to understand, I’ve included a video explaining our approach to automation for dealerships.

Specialized Marketing Automation for Dealerships

As mentioned above, marketing automation can be complex. However, we assembled a simple, yet powerful solution for dealerships. 

Before launching into that, let’s touch on the big WHY that marketing automation solves a huge problem dealerships aren’t even aware they have.

Why Is This Needed?

When we looked at our clients we found an obvious pattern. Dealerships focus on selling. No surprises there right? Of course, you focus on selling.

Rightly, dealership websites follow a pattern where they concentrate on inventory, services, and offerings. But, here’s the critical part… the websites focus on prospects who want to purchase right now. Unfortunately, not all their website visitors are looking to buy right now.

In fact, statistics show that well over 80% of website visitors are NOT ready to buy now. One study, by the marketing automation company Marketo, found that only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy now. Most are shopping and researching….even during the best of times.

Think about that for a moment or two, or three.


Mismatch Alert

Dealership Marketing Automation Eliminates AbandonmentIf your website visitor is seeking one thing and you are providing them something completely different, there’s a significant disconnect. This disconnect results in visitors abandoning your site to find what they want.

They are going to do this process until they find a website that engages them with content of interest, and/or addresses to their concerns.

There are several awful parts to this scenario.

  • You paid to get these potential customers to your website, but are letting them go without a second thought.
  • At this moment, you already have the knowledge to address the questions and concerns for these potential customers. 
  • These shoppers can easily become customers of yours yet are likely to leave and not return.
  • By not helping them, you leave a negative impression, and one that shows you only care about selling, no matter what you say. 

Our Marketing Automation Solution

Based on our research, we developed a system that addresses the big problem of lost opportunity, as well as addresses many other problems as well.

In short, we do the following:

  • Develop highly engaging content targeted at your website visitors who are researching and shopping
  • Implement a smart form that offers this content to visitors prior to them departing your website
  • Develop and deliver a sequence of emails that assist in research and educating them so they engage with your sales team

With this system, there’s nothing for your dealership to develop or implement. We work with you to ensure the content is aligned with your business. We do all the heavy lifting to ensure that we convert as many of those previously lost website visitors as possible.

A Range of Benefits

Although our focus is upon generating engagement with otherwise lost visitors, there are many other direct and indirect benefits gained from our system. Here’s just a few:

  • Establish your value
  • Accelerate the sales process due to pre-sales education
  • Build a sales pipeline
  • Emails build a connection to your brand and keep you top of mind
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Utilization of a hands-free automated always-on leads system
  • Maximize otherwise lost marketing web traffic costs
  • And more

Cost Benefit Chart

Our Dealership Marketing Automation Conversion ROI

What makes this so fantastic is the ROI. Let’s breakdown the numbers using a hypothetical scenario:

  • 2,000 lost visitors a month to your site
  • Optin sent to approximately 200 a month.
  • Send .5% over to sales as new leads = 10 a month
  • Sales converts 10% or 12 NEW DEALS a year
  • If your average profit is $7k = $84k in PROFIT!

Even if implementing our Marketing Automation for Lead Recovery program is $20k, wouldn’t be well worth it for $84k in profit?  Well, it isn’t $20k!

For those who are really serious about recovering lost leads, we developed a plan that combines marketing automation with remarketing. Click here to learn more about this package.

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If you desire an even more expanded solution consider our list building offering.

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