Did you ever ask yourself why a shopper should buy from your dealership versus another? If you haven’t, now is a good time to do so.

Differentiate Your DealershipUnless you explain how your dealership is different – everything comes down to the lowest price. Some dealerships don’t mind being a low-cost leader. If that’s your business, then you should promote that. However, that’s a very tough business to be in. In fact, it’s more advantageous on many levels, to be a value dealer. It doesn’t take a lot to be a value dealer because so few promote their differences. Here are some high impact changes you can make to your marketing to separate from the pack.

Differentiate Your Dealership As A Value Provider

Not A Low Price Dealer

Price and margins are sustained when your customers better understand the value you provide. First impressions matter and if you do not inform shoppers that you deliver better value, beyond just products, then you put yourself into a world of tight margins and low profits. You have to help your customers understand your value so they clearly see why they should purchase from you and not the dealership in another city or state. Ultimately, this demands you identifying and promoting the valuable benefits you deliver.

Create A “Differences List”

Identify and document (write it down) the benefits (for a shopper) that you provide, that make your dealership better than others. You do not even need to concentrate on your differences relative to others. Many of your competitors may have the same capabilities. However, your advantage will be that you will promote those items – while they do not. So, start by writing down your “differences list” that you provide which are of value to a shopper. Editing your list can happen later. Right now it’s important to thoroughly think through how you shine and the value you deliver to prospects.

Leverage Digital Marketing

Differentiate Your Dealership with digital marketingDigital marketing provides the opportunity to influence and communicate. You can get your value differences in front of shoppers early in their buying journey (even before selecting a particular model or unit). Since more pre-sales shopping is taking place digitally, it is not necessary or prudent to expect prospects to visit your dealership to find out why they should buy from you. This is why your website and other digital marketing channels are extremely important.


Prioritize your list and then start promoting the value you deliver. Promote your advantages on your website home page. Promote items in your social posts. Continually massage your advantages.

Remember, differentiated advantages and the value you possess are useless unless shoppers know about them. And this is what your website visitors desire. According to Demand Metric, 70 percent of people would rather get information about a company or learn something from an article or blog post rather than from a traditional advertisement.

Differentiate Your Dealership By Delivering Value in the Process

Going through this process is valuable because it will allow you to identify things you want to develop, examine what competitors are doing, understand your current place in your market, and most importantly stand out from your competitors.



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