Welcome to Part 2 of our “Do More Digitally” webinar on demand series. This webinar is entitled: “What if They Aren’t Ready to Buy Now?”

In this webinar, I discuss how dealerships’ current approach to digital marketing (particularly web content on dealership sites) is not aligned to the digital shopper. Not only will you obtain insight into why this is the case, but you also receive direct advice on changes that you can make today to improve the situation.

What if They Aren’t Ready to Buy Now?

WhyTheyAreNotReadyThe pandemic has put a strain on many people’s finances. If your entire business is built around those who are ready to purchase right now, you may find your business struggling even more in these uncertain times. Fewer customers are ready to make such a big purchase immediately, and you are not leveraging your website to build a relationship with the customer for when they are finally ready to make their purchase.

However, if your digital marketing is oriented toward providing value throughout the buyer’s journey, then you have a big advantage. No longer is your site functioning purely as a sales instrument. It’s actually doing what it is intended to do – MARKETING.

For dealerships, I’ve been advocating for more than just, what I refer to as, “Buy or Goodbye” types of engagement for a long while. “Buy or Goodbye” applies to delivering content exclusively focused upon the sale of products (including things like specifications and product descriptions). This strategy focuses only on the customer who is ready to purchase right this minute and not the ones who are simply researching for a future purchase. This webinar, as well as Part 1 in this series, provides insight into this approach and how you can advance beyond it.

There’s no better time than now to start to adjust your approach to your digital marketing. I provide practical steps for you to take today to improve your entire business. This is something no other dealership marketing agency is articulating! Enjoy the webinar and these helpful strategies for growth.


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