Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, offers businesses a way to present and manage their company across all of Google’s platforms. The business profile and the Google Profile Manager announced a name change along with some exciting feature additions to their business listing platform in November 2021. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s review how a Google Business Profile, or GBP, will help your business be seen by more people in your local area.

How Does a Google Business Profile Help My Business?

A GBP account allows a business to showcase products and services to a local market. With proper management practices, the business can even show up higher in Google’s Local Pack and Map search results. If you’ve ever performed a search on Google or in Google Maps, you’ve likely seen them in your Google search results, either on Google’s home search page or in Google Maps.

Business owners and community suggestions work together to build these profiles. They include information like business hours, address, website links, phone number and more. Customers can use these to find information and share reviews of the businesses.

What is a Local Pack on Google?

This is the list of businesses that appear in a local search results window. Unlike organic website search results, Local Pack results originate from Google Business Profile listings only. They’re suggested based on the relevance to your search, their proximity to you and other aspects that Google considers important. Basically, Local Pack results appear on your results page when a user searches a product or service, “near me” or “near [Location].” These same results also populate when searching the same way on Google Maps application on your mobile device.

Google's Local Pack search results for RV Dealership near me search.

You can improve your business’ Local Pack ranking by claiming and managing your Business Profile on Google. Creating custom content to complete business information, post content, and replies to reviews using certain keywords or phrases that are relevant to search terms used to find your business are all great ways to begin. A good strategy will also remove words or phrases that bring up your business for services or products you do not want to be found under. This could be a product you no longer carry, a service you no longer offer, or even a service that is only available to buyers or in-house customers only.

Does Local Pack SEO Affect Website SEO?

While this is similar in some ways to website SEO, your GBP SEO management is entirely different than your website. They actually do not affect one another. Good website SEO can help your business appear in organic search results, and it doesn’t hurt your Local Pack ranking. However, the Local Pack ranking depends entirely on your GBP account and its management practices. Plus, Local Pack results show above organic website rankings on Google’s general Search Console. Website SEO impacts your general Google Search results ranking, while Google Business Profile Local SEO Management impacts Local Pack and Maps result ranking.

The Google Local Pack, arguably, gets more visibility than Google’s organic website results when being searched in a local market. In fact, a study performed by Google showed that “76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.” They make it easy for potential customers to find your phone number or address without digging through your website. Local Pack also appears under website link ads but above traditional search results. They’re one of the first things customers see  when they search Google and they’re incredibly helpful to both business owners and clients.

Google Business Profile Local SEO Management by NetSource Media

Not sure where to start with your Business Profile on Google? NetSource is here to help! With our local SEO management service, we’ll manage your GBP profile for you. This service ensures every client account is properly completed, managed, and reported on so your business can see the results of our efforts.

Person searching the internet on their laptop.

Research and Content Creation

To get started with managing any new Google Business Profile Local SEO plan, your dedicated GBP account manager will research all aspects of your business and how users interact with your profile on Google. We will review search patterns, top search terms and phrases, local competitor search terms and phrases, and more. 

Once the research deep-dive is complete, your GBP manager will reach out to your business to find out what you want to be found for online and how to present content to viewers. This includes finding out the services you want to be found for online, services you don’t want to be found for online, and the overall tone of your business and brand. All of this information is used to create custom content and review responses, just for your business. 

Profile Building

The second part of our GBP plan is building and filling out your profile in Business Profile Manager. We’ll help you claim your GBP listing, if you haven’t already done so. From there, we will add or confirm business hours, services, complete the products, and  more. We will ensure your profile is complete and easy for potential customers to navigate. We’ll keep your profile up to date with any changes to your business throughout the management of your plan.

Local Pack and Maps Ranking

Our GBP Local SEO management plan includes research (as mentioned above) to improve your Local Pack and Google Maps search ranking. We’ll do extensive keyword research, make updates, post on your profile, and provide monthly reporting on our results . Our research and posting will help boost your business in Local Pack and get you more customers.

Woman zooming in on a Google Map Pack search result on her phone.

Review Management

The NetSource GBP Local SEO plan also includes management and custom responses to client reviews. Monitor reviews on your Google account and respond using strategic keywords and phrases found to be most beneficial for your business, according to our research findings. Your Google Business Profile manager will check and respond to positive and negative reviews on your behalf. And should there be a negative review, your dedicated account manager will reach out to you about the negative review to ensure the response is as accurate as possible.

Earn More Local Customers with GBP SEO!

If your business serves a local market and you’re looking to earn more local customers, Google Business Profile Local SEO Management could be just the solution you need! Contact a marketing specialist at NetSource Media for your free Google Business Profile Audit and Consultation today!

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