More signs of the tremendous growth in the RV Industry is evidenced in manufacturers facing labor shortages in Elkhart, Indiana. Other side effects of this upturn in the economy are seen in Elkhart’s unemployment rate of just over 2% – half the national average, a decline in college enrollments as people opt for labor jobs, companies offering job perks usually reserved for Silicon Valley corporations, and fast food restaurants offering $150 sign on bonuses just to get employees to serve food to the population.

These are all great signs in a town that was hit hard by the economic downturn of 2009 where the unemployment rate skyrocketed to 20%. However, many in this town are squirreling away their money rather than spending it in preparation for the next inevitable economic downturn.

Read more about the effects of the booming RV industry on this industrial town in this article by the Wall Street Journal by clicking here.

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