How Dealership Remarketing Can Convert 80%+ of Your Lost Website Visitors

Would it shock you to know that one study stated that up to 96% of website visitors are NOT ready to buy now?

This is something very few dealerships know, or are willing to accept. .

Understanding how and why this is possible, and then addressing it, is key to your dealership marketing success.

We know that the problem is that the bulk of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy. But, what if there was a way to stay present and visible to those previous visitors so that when they are ready to buy, you are right there? 

With persistent presence, we can ensure that those who are not ready to buy now become your future customers. 

Fortunately, a technical solution to this problem does exist.

Dealership Visibility and The Rule of Seven

Dealerships have long understood how essential it is to remain visible (persistent presence) to shoppers.


This is where the Rule of Seven comes in. The Rule of Seven is a long-standing concept that states it takes a minimum of seven exposures to your company before a shopper is interested in buying from you. 

Prior to the Internet, the method was shotgun print and television advertising campaigns. 

Yet, with the Internet the goal is more focused. You want to stay present and visible to those who have already demonstrated an interest in your dealership by visiting your website. In addition, you paid to get them there so having them disappear for good would be a costly mistake. 

By getting visitors to see your brand, and back to your website, you can increase the likelihood of them becoming a lead.

Why Do They Leave?

Even if they aren’t ready to buy now, why do they leave? Why aren’t they converting in some fashion?

Look at your website. Dealerships have websites that concentrate on inventory and sales. Where does that leave shoppers? Typically they depart without bookmarking your site or thinking of you again. They will continue to look for helpful information based upon where they are in their purchasing journey.

If you’d like to watch a webinar where I discuss the buyer’s journey and the phenomena I call “buy now or goodbye” just CLICK HERE


 Double the Power of Remarketing with Marketing Automation

Remarketing combined with Marketing Automation forms a powerful pair when it comes to recovering lost leads. Remarketing ads can leverage Marketing Automation content to get opt-ins back on your website. Once a prospect has provided their contact information, a sequence of emails can assist the shopper and solidify your brand. 

To learn more about Marketing Automation CLICK HERE

Remarketing Focuses on Visibility

We know that will change as they become more educated. But, the question is will you be present at the right time? 


It’s a bit of a disconnect when you wish to sell but your website visitors aren’t ready to buy.  This disconnect results in visitors abandoning your site to find what they want elsewhere.

They are going to repeat this process until they find a website that engages them with content centralized around their interests or concerns.

Our Marketing Automation Solution

Based on our research, we developed a system that addresses the big problem of lost opportunity, as well as addresses many other problems as well.

In short, we do the following:

  • Develop highly engaging content targeted at your website visitors who are researching and shopping
  • Implement a smart form that offers this content to visitors prior to them departing your website
  • Develop and deliver a sequence of emails that assist in research and educating them so they engage with your sales team

With this system, there’s nothing for your dealership to develop or implement. We work with you to ensure the content is aligned with your business. We do all the heavy lifting to ensure that we convert as many of those previously lost website visitors as possible.

A Range of Benefits

Although our focus is upon generating engagement with otherwise lost visitors, there are many other direct and indirect benefits gained from our system. Here’s just a few:

  • Establish your value
  • Accelerate the sales process due to pre-sales education
  • Build a sales pipeline
  • Emails build a connection to your brand and keep you top of mind
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Utilization of a hands-free automated always-on leads system
  • Maximize otherwise lost marketing web traffic costs
  • And more

Our Dealership Marketing Automation Conversion ROI

What makes this so fantastic is the ROI. Let’s breakdown the numbers using a hypothetical scenario:

  • 2,000 lost visitors a month to your site
  • Optin sent to approximately 200 a month.
  • Send .5% over to sales as new leads = 10 a month
  • Sales converts 10% or 12 NEW DEALS a year
  • If your average profit is $7k = $84k in PROFIT!

Even if implementing our Marketing Automation for Lead Recovery program is $20k, wouldn’t be well worth it for $84k in profit?  Well, it isn’t $20k!

For those who are really serious about recovering lost leads, we developed a plan that combines marketing automation with remarketing. Click here to learn more about this package.

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