For many of our RV Dealer customers, 2016’s season has stayed busier longer. That’s a great thing! Winter is coming, though, so traffic will start to slow down very soon if it hasn’t already. How are you going to help your dealership to stay top-of-mind with RVers during the off season? Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer a really great, limited-time deal on Winterizations. Choose a window of time that makes sense for winterizing units, but also is typically less busy for your service department. Or, make the offer available only for the first set number of people who schedule the appointment and make a deposit.
  • Schedule training classes so RVers can learn how to do routine maintenance on their own. These classes could either have a small fee or be free. Perhaps a bonus to signing up will be a coupon for a percentage off parts & accessories or a specific sales/service deal that is only good for the winter months.
  • Make sure to stay active on social media. Just because traffic is slower doesn’t mean people aren’t looking. See specific social media tips here.
  • If you’ve been collecting information about your buyers during the busy season, this is a great time to follow up with them. Send a customer appreciation email with a special offer, or spend some time to give some of them a personal call to ask how they’ve been enjoying their RV. It’s this type of relationship building that creates customer loyalty.

Using the winter months to plan for your upcoming year is always a good idea. Make marketing decisions during the slower months to help set your dealership up for a successful year. Help your staff set goals and schedule quarterly check-ins with them to see how everyone is doing. Scheduling these in advance mean there’s a better chance they won’t fall through the cracks when your dealership is at its busiest.

If your website needs to be freshened up, the fall and winter months are a practical time for most RV dealers to focus on that. Lot traffic has slowed down, allowing you time to work through changes or a redesign that align with your dealership goals for the upcoming year.

Does your dealership need help planning your website or marketing strategy for 2017? Contact our consulting team – call today at 800-709-3240 or email us.

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