Growing your dealership’s Facebook Presence doesn’t have to be challenging. As a dealership you have some of the best resources available to you yet most dealers rarely use them. What are these magical resources, you ask? Your raving-fan customers!

As soon as someone purchases a unit from your dealership you have an automatic testimonial from customers who are excited and can’t wait to share their new purchase with everyone they know. Leveraging that excitement will grow your Facebook presence beyond your imagination but you have to be consistent with how you do it.


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First off, here are a few statistics regarding why you should be leveraging your customers’ excitement and joy when they are receiving a new delivery.

A study by Syncapse showed that 49% of people become a fan of a Facebook page in order to support a brand they like; 31% in order to share their personal good experiences with their friends and family; 27% to share their interests/lifestyle with others; and 35% in order to participate in contests.

So what does this mean to your dealership? It means that in order to engage your customers and get them to ‘Like’ and help grow your Facebook business page’s presence you have to appeal to the reasons they become a fan in the first place.

If you look at the statistics above, 58% of people become a fan of a business page to share their personal good experiences, interests, and lifestyle with others!! That’s huge!! Make sure your business is taking advantage of those statistics. One way to do this is to leverage your customer’s new deliveries experience.

So without further ado, here are the steps for growing your Facebook presence with new deliveries.

Take Pictures


Everybody loves to document their celebrations and buying a new RV or trailer is definitely something that your customers consider a special occasion. They’ve invested a lot of their hard-earned money in their new purchase and they don’t want that to go unnoticed by the world.

So every time a customer has taken delivery of their new unit and they are handed the keys, take a picture of them and their family and/or significant other with their new acquisition.

This is also a great time to get a quote from the happy customer regarding the buying process and their feelings about how they were treated by your dealership. If they’ve bought a unit from you then they obviously feel that your business is pretty great so document those feelings as well.

Ask For Likes

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The next step is to tell your customers how you will be sharing their picture and story on your dealership’s Facebook page. Remind them to ‘Like’ your page so that they can have access to the picture too and share it with their friends and family.

Your customers want to see their picture shared on your dealership’s Facebook site. It is exciting to them to be getting attention from a business’ social media presence and really helps them celebrate their special occasion so they will be motivated to ‘Like’ the dealership’s page. You just have to ask and/or remind them to do so.

Share Picture

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Once you have the picture of your customer taking delivery of their new unit and you have asked them to ‘Like’ the dealership’s Facebook page, now it’s time to actually share the picture.

Many businesses take pictures of their customers taking delivery of their products but somewhere between that moment and the actual posting of the picture something gets lost and it’s never done. Don’t let this raving-fan customer moment pass. Your customer is looking forward to your dealership posting their picture. Don’t disappoint them. Keep your word.

Make Sure You Tag

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Tagging is a very important part of this process but it can only be achieved properly if you get your customers to ‘Like’ your page.

Tagging the people in the photo creates a way for your posts to be seen not only by your fan base but also by the friends and fans of the people being tagged. This creates a wider audience for your business and through that expanded exposure, people that you had no access to previously now know about your business and what it’s about.

What’s even more important to realize is that the friends and fans of the people being tagged will more than likely also share the post with their friends and fans. This creates an even bigger circle of attention for your business and an unlimited amount of potential for new raving-fan customers.

Ongoing Outstanding Support and Service


Now none of this means anything unless your dealership makes it a priority to continue to provide outstanding support and service to your customers after they have driven off the lot.

It’s important to always remember that a good reputation takes years of dedication and work ethic to create but it can literally take a second to destroy it, especially on social media.

Creating an atmosphere of caring support and service after the sale will do more for your reputation than anything else. It’s easy to make your customers smile when they are happy and excited. However, making them smile when they are in need of service, help, or support is where reputations are created – good and bad.

Now that you have the simple steps for growing your dealership’s Facebook presence it’s time to make the commitment to making these steps a regular part of the new delivery process. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start growing your fan and customer base on Facebook today!

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