Just as in any other industry, RV dealers want to make sure their marketing is effective and that they are spending every advertising dollar as wisely as possible. Here are some recommendations for RV dealers when selecting an internet marketing solution.

•    An agency that understands the RV market is important, of course, but your relationship with the digital team there also matters so they’ll grow to understand your particular company and be able to function as a true partner in increasing your revenues. A customized solution will have better results than a one-size-fits-all approach.
Note: Pay close attention to your internet marketing campaign in the first few months after launch to ensure that all activities have executed. If you purchased two blog articles per month, for example, make sure that they get posted.

•    While budget is a factor in every advertising campaign, invest in a lead generation website that will attract and engage visitors. Spending money on advertising won’t be effective if your target audience leaves the site before they’ve had a chance to get to know your company. Be sure to feature contact information prominently and consistently so customers can quickly and easily convert to hot leads by calling or emailing you.

•    Internet marketing is a holistic landscape; you will need a variety of digital activities to drive qualified traffic to your site. Consider SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Pay Per Click, Display Advertising, Retargeting, and Email Marketing for your website. Your agency will help you craft a custom marketing campaign that includes the activities that make the best use of your advertising investment, but it’s worthwhile to familiarize yourself with these terms and how they can positively impact RV sales.

•    Look for simple reporting so you can maintain a high-level understanding of how your marketing campaigns are performing. Metrics to track include impressions, click-throughs, and cost (per click or per thousand).

You’ll also want to review reports with an eye towards quickly becoming aware of any new opportunities. If a campaign is performing well, capitalize on that as quickly as possible by shifting or adding advertising investment.

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