I have exciting news for my awesome design, programming and support team, and the outstanding friends we are privileged to call customers!!

RVUSA.com had 1,794,072 visitors last month.
Of those, 569,883 were unique visitors!!

A couple months ago, RVTraderOnline.com sent out an email with their traffic stats, which said they had 584,520 visitors per month.

The new RVUSA.com website design has catapulted us to a solid #2 position behind RVTraderOnline.com, with a good chance of overtaking the lead they’ve held in the industry for website traffic.

Here’s some more stats that I found that I thought you would find interesting:

  • RVUSA.com has 19,372 RVs listed For Sale
  • RVUSA.com has 43,400 pages indexed with Google
  • According to Compete.com, our monthly change is up over 12% and our yearly change is up almost 22%

If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Cindy Spencer 🙂



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