Lost Lead Recovery for dealerships is essential because the vast majority of your website traffic is not ready to buy. One study put the number at 96%. What can you do to address lost leads?

What is Lost Lead Recovery for Dealerships?

Many believe that when website traffic does not convert into a sale it’s just garbage traffic. However, that isn’t really the case.

The problem is that most people view shoppers as either buyers or people wasting their time. But when it comes to the Internet, people shop and research constantly. Therefore, we need to make sure we can engage with every visitor – those ready to buy right now, and those who need a little bit more time.


When you focus on selling, but website visitors aren’t ready to buy, there’s a disconnect. Of course, you have forms on your website, but they are likely focused on connecting with those who have buying intent. What about your visitors who are researching, but not ready to purchase? It’s important to connect with these visitors as well, because they may end up leaving and finding another business who can assist them through their shopping process until they are ready to make a purchase. If you aren’t targeting this group as well, someone else will educate them on brands, dealerships, makes and models, and will likely earn their business as a result.

The wise move is to figure out a way to meet them where they are at.

Two Big Challenges with Lost Lead Recovery for Dealerships

1. How do you stay in front of website visitors if they do not provide their contact information? 

You want to be able to stay in communication with shoppers who aren’t ready to buy. The challenge is to remain visible to those who have visited your site and left without engaging.

2. How can you get their contact information when they are not ready to buy?

People tend to input their contact information when they are prepared for a salesperson to reach out to them. Most shoppers aren’t quite at this stage in their buying journey. The challenge is to give them a different reason to share their contact information with you.

So what do you do?

Dealership Lead Recovery Program to the Rescue

We have brought together and integrated two different solutions to solve the challenges noted above. With Remarketing and our specially designed Marketing Automation, we deliver a lead recovery program with an array of benefits including:

  • Converting more leads
  • Increasing sales
  • Finding warm or hot sales-ready leads
  • Speeding up close times
  • Maximizing your marketing ROI by converting more leads on your website 
  • Expanding your dealership’s online footprint
  • Bringing the target audience back to your website
  • Educating and informing
  • Staying “top-of-mind” with customers
  • Becoming a trusted brand

Start Recovering Lost Leads Now



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