I know the most time-consuming part of your day, as the Internet Manager, is posting your inventory on the internet. Most RV Dealers I talk to have their inventory on multiple websites, which is really the best possible scenario, as long as you’re on the major RV classified websites and then also listing your inventory on your website of course.

When I say “major RV classified websites” I mean the three largest in traffic and units:

  • RVTraderOnline.com (Compete Rank: 5,672)
  • RVUSA.com (Compete Rank: 9,006)
  • RVT.com (Compete Rank: 11,602)

Keep in mind, with Compete.com the closer you get to 1 the better, and Google.com holds that position.

The task of listing your inventory on several different websites and then managing all of them from day-to-day could be a full-time job, depending on the size of your dealership. That’s why several years ago we were the first company to send a successful inventory feed to RVTraderOnline.com and have since then added feeds to RVT.com, RVSearch.com, Jayco.com, RV4Sale.com, Oodle.com, Vast.com, Google Base, CarSoup.com, RV2Buy.com, RVRegistry.com, MyRVLink.com, SellingMyRV.com, RVListingsOnline.com, BuyandSellRV.com and most recently Twitter.com.

You must have an active account with the websites you want us to send your inventory to in order to utilize that feed to them.

I know it’s not feasible for you to advertise on all of them and some of you will like one website better than the other, but I just wanted to let you know those feeds are setup and running if/when you need them.

Here’s how you would manage your inventory and an example of how the inventory distribution service works:

This whole process starts with you. You can enter your inventory manually on RVUSA.com or have your inventory automatically sent to us. We accept inventory feeds from RVT.com, RVSearch.com, Channel Blade, MyRVAdvantage, Ultimate Video Showcase, Dealer Peak, PSN, RV Logic, Dealer Specialties, eBiz Auto, Interact RV, MyRVLink, RVData, IDS, Galaxy and direct from dealers. Keep in mind that most, if not all of those providers, do not allow unit videos – and we do. If you want to upload videos, which I would highly recommend, you can do so through our Dealer Management Console.

If you have 10 minutes to talk to me, I would like to help you streamline your inventory entry and distribution processes. Give me a call (866-643-4625 x 120) or send me an email ([email protected]).

Cindy Spencer 🙂

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