When listing your dealership’s RV inventory online, it’s important to optimize your listings to get more leads. A combination of well-written descriptions and plenty of photos can increase the number of people interested in your RV and help it rank higher in searches. To get the most out of RVUSA, NetSource’s classifieds website, and other RV listing platforms, it’s important to follow our tips for RV dealers.

RVUSA is the top online classified option for RV dealers. Since 1995, thousands of dealers all over America have come to rely on RVUSA.com to succeed online. Our RV listing tips will drive more traffic to your website and help you increase your total number of RV sales by sending you highly-qualified leads.

We make it simple to post and promote your inventory to RVUSA. Whether you’re a current RVUSA dealer or thinking about joining RVUSA, these tips will help you make the most of your listings by increasing your leads with just a few minutes of effort.

Use Good Visuals for Your RV Listings

Your listing can be the first search result, but without high-quality photos shoppers will move on to the next dealer listing. Photos in RV listings are extremely important. Potential buyers want to see what the camper looks like. They want to be able to see the photos and imagine themselves inside. Without high-quality photos, buyers will likely move on to another unit for sale with better images. According to a worldwide study, images alone influence 62% of online buyers.

You should take advantage of  RVUSA’s 360° or virtual tours as well. A virtual tour has been shown to increase listing engagement two-fold. Some manufacturers provide links to copy and paste for free virtual tours.  

Videos are another great way to pull customers in. Make your videos unique. This is a chance not only to show off your unit but also to highlight the personality of ownership or your sales team. Have a charismatic member of your sales team do simple walkthroughs. They can showcase key features and show potential buyers why they want to purchase this camper. 

Good, clear images will win the day, however, adding other visual elements will help you win quicker and more often. 

Tips for RV Dealers Posting on RVUSA

Fill in All Manufacturer Details

Fill in as much detail as you can on the manufacturer options. It may seem like a small thing to not check off features like the Bluetooth stereo or the size of the TV, but that may be the exact feature a shopper is looking for. The more unit features accounted for in the details, the better the chance your RV has of being found in a filtered search. Don’t lose competitiveness over being incomplete.

Use Unique RV Descriptions

Did you know that product descriptions influence 82% of buyers’ purchase behavior? Make descriptions honest, accurate, and fun. We recommend making them around 250 words. If there is anything that buyers are looking for that may not be on the details, like special warranties or customizations, make mention of it here!

Don’t try to stuff a bunch of keywords. You want your description to be easy to read and vivid. This isn’t a list of features, this is a paragraph that will help inspire potential buyers. Buyers want to be able to see themselves in the camper. Use your description to tell them why they need this camper and what it can do for them. Not sure what we mean? Take a look at this example of a great start to a camper description.

“This Salem Villa Classic destination trailer has it all! Not only will you feel completely cared for as you spend your weekend relaxing on the queen-size bed in the private bedroom, but so will your guests as they spend their time in their very own bunkhouse suite that has opposing bunk slides, its own half bathroom, and a private entrance into the trailer. “

The example above shows how you can use vivid imagery in your text to inspire buyers while still discussing the features of the RV.

RVUSA does all the heavy SEO lifting that is necessary to get you found. That being said, think of your description as the icing on the cake. Of course, you can use a manufacturer description by default without SEO penalty. However, we recommend custom edited descriptions. These will differentiate you from the competition by showing your dealership pays attention to detail and cares about the small things.

Well-written descriptions are a way to personally connect to your customers and show each RV’s individuality. Descriptions are an extension of your photos and not only represent your unit, but who you are as a seller. Write like you are recommending your favorite movie – not just listing features and numbers. 

Make Sure You Use the RVUSA Reporting

Use RVUSA’s listing reports to help optimize your RV listing. RVUSA shows the views, calls, texts and email leads for each RV posted in your listing. Use this data to understand your customer’s behavior and to make necessary tweaks. 

For example, you may notice that listings with videos get more views and leads. With that information, you may want to include videos in all your RV listings.

In addition, you can boost your visibility within the result pages by upgrading your membership. Going with the Platinum plan will put you on the first page of relevant RV search results. Gold, Silver, and Bronze members display after that. Also, Platinum members are featured in our RVUSA Facebook organic and paid postings for additional exposure. 

Additional Benefits to Listing with RVUSA

Dealers Can Export/Import Inventory 

  • Save time by importing your inventory from existing inventory management system
  • Export from RVUSA to any inventory classified site (ex: RV Trader)
  • Can have inventory on RVUSA as well as other classifieds 
  • Get access to real people to help with set up, maintenance and questions 

    Dealers Get Built-In SEO Features 

    • Fast loading, mobile-responsive list pages 
    • Optimized image sizes and dimensions 
    • SEO-friendly URLs 
    • On-page text specialized for local search 
    • List pages are in an easy-to-navigate form.  
    • Integrated call tracking 


      Make the Most of Your RVUSA Listings

      Our goal is always to help your dealership succeed by providing all the tools you need to market your inventory. For RV dealers, posting on RVUSA can be a huge benefit to your marketing strategy. Using these tips for creating those listings can boost it even more. Taking the time to take great visuals of your units, write compelling descriptions and fill out all the necessary detail fields only takes a fraction more of the time when you’re creating a listing – and the returns on visibility and quality leads can be monumental. Plus, with our reporting tools, you’ll be able to see quantifiable results on what is and isn’t working. Get your units in front of viable potential customers today by listing your inventory on RVUSA.

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