In theory, this article on how to optimize SEO (search engine optimization) for dealership inventory could be super short: I could just say you need unique dealership inventory descriptions for SEO. While that is the main point we’ll cover here, we’ll go a little bit more in-depth so you understand exactly why inventory descriptions are so important.

Be Descriptive for Dealership Inventory SEO

Google thrives on words. Their search engine ranking program scours the web and ranks websites based on keyword search results. One of the key factors that they weigh heavily is text on the page.

The text on the web page provides insight into what the page is for and about. A side by side comparison of pages with text and those without will certainly rank the one with text higher. But Google’s rankings go beyond that: the quality and focus of the text matters too.

Imagine a page is for a specific Coachman model (like the one shown). If a vague write-up is provided with little details on the description of the model, features, and benefits, then it will not rank as well as another site’s page that does a better job.

Dealership Search Ranking Competition

With more websites doing a better job at developing the quality of text on pages, it has become more difficult to rank well. If your page has no text, duplicate text or very short descriptions, then it is likely the page will rank poorly or not at all.
It should be starting to make sense why it is imperative that a good on-page description is developed. It’s worth noting that with NetSource’s premium SiteSource CMS,  inventory meta descriptions are auto-generated and the workload of making your descriptions SEO-friendly is taken care of for you.

Make Your Dealership Inventory Standing Out

If you do the minimum amount of writing, or merely list information, such as features or specifications, your pages will rank lower and will be less engaging. Try writing in a way that describes the HOWs & WHYs. Provide insight into uses, innovations, and even why the unit was developed.
Writing these descriptions can be difficult, mostly because there are so many similar models. However, think about this: why was this model built? Why did they manufacture it? What place does it fill in the market? Write about that. You may not know the reason, so a bit of research may be required. Sometimes manufacturers have videos where they discuss the answers to these questions that you can use in your descriptions.

Description Length Matters

Descriptions should not be 2 sentences. Make it something worthwhile. For RVs, you can consider writing about the floorplan layout, unique features, quality of decor, options included, livability features, etc. For boats, write about things like performance, construction, size, engine, features, layout, innovations, etc. For trailers, write about construction, size, axles, tired, features, optional features, etc.

If you were describing the item to someone what would you say? What would you emphasize? For example, if the floor is vinyl or non-slip and the quality is special, unique, or different – discuss that. How is it helpful? Who is it good for? Is it easy to clean? 

Focus on value and make it count.

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