What is Page Speed?

Page speed is the speed at which your website loads.  It is formally defined as the length of time it takes for all of the content on your page  to be fully displayed.

Why is Page Speed Important?

So why is page speed important? There are a plethora of different reasons actually! For one, people have very short attention spans! They want something to load quickly, and if it doesn’t they will leave and go to another website to get their information.

On average, 53% of users will abandon a mobile site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load!

Also, Google favors fast loading pages! They use time to first byte in their ranking algorithm. A fast loading page will organically rank higher in Google search than a slower one.

What Are The Benefits of Fast Page Speed?

Everyone wants their page to rank high on Google, and faster page speed means a better ranking. Site and Page speed are key determining factors in on page SEO and are heavily weighted in the Google search algorithm.

Not only will a fast page speed help you rank higher in Google, it will keep people on your website longer. As mentioned earlier, slower pages lead to people bouncing and looking elsewhere. Fast loading websites will ensure a positive user experience, which will lead to a lower bounce rate, more leads, and more conversions.

Page Speed and Paid Search

Did you know that site and page speed have a direct correlation to your PPC? An excellent speed can actually help decrease your cost… How?  When your site speed increases, so will your quality score!

Your quality score is determined by a number of things including: page speed, keyword relevancy, and user experience. Quality score is integral in determining how high or low your cost per click will be… So improved page speed will lead to less expensive ads as well as better targeted results.

Page Speed and Social Media

In a similar vein to how Google ads perform better when page speed is high, social media ads also favor faster landing pages.

Facebook especially prioritizes user experience when pushing ads to your audience. After their algorithm change, this has become even more prominent and it was announced that page speed will be a large determining factor in whether or not your ads are prioritized.

How Can I Increase My Page Speed?

So now that you see why page speed is so important for your website, you may be asking yourself… “How can I improve my page speed?”. There are a few things you can do to improve your speed and start seeing better results.

  • Compress your files
  • Optimize your images to reduce their size without reducing the quality
  • Minimize landing page redirects
  • Improve your server response with better hosting

These terms and concepts may seem daunting, intimidating, and confusing… and that is okay because you aren’t in this alone.

Netsource Media specialized in building fast, optimized websites and helping you grow your business online. We have in house experts who will be able to optimize your website, market your business online, and get you the best bang for your buck!

Still not sure? We don’t make claims we can’t back up! Research has shown that our sites are up to 86% faster than our competitors.  We outperform the competition in every way, including our dedication to personalized customer service.

We are a full-service marketing firm. No matter your needs, we are here for you!

If you are interested in reducing your page load time and increasing your earnings, give one of our experts a call today for a free personalized quote.

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