One of the services we offer our RV Dealers is the ability to track their phone leads from, the 60 mfg / model specific websites and your inventory pages.  That way any inventory related call is tracked and even recorded if you want.  We do have reports in place through our Member Management Console where you can review stats for inventory views, website click throughs and email leads sent.  So the call tracking tool is the last piece of the puzzle.

This technology can be used to streamline your marketing response reporting, monitor your return on investment (ROI), record conversations for training purposes and allows you to track mulitple campaigns at once.  The best part is the cost is extremely small compared to the amount of information and stats you get.  How powerful is it and how much money will you save when you can definitely say, “this website generates 10 times more calls than this newspaper advertisement”?

Our Call Tracker service has the following features:

  • Business and After Hours Playfilelets callers know the call will be recorded.
  • Call Recordingthis is an optional feature – no additional charge to use this tool.
  • Voicemailmost of you already have a voicemail system in place but for those of you who don’t, this tool is here.
  • Advanced Call Routinguse this tool to route calls to a certain salesperson’s extension.
  • Real-Time Metrics and Analyticsview reports by campaign, forwarding, hour/weekday, etc.
  • Emailable Reportssetup automated email reports easily that can be sent to you daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Click-To-Call (optional)this tool enables you to place a button on your website that visitors can click on, enter their phone number and get a call back from you directly.
  • Form-To-Phone (optional)when visitors fill out this form on your website, you will get a call that reads aloud the information they’ve entered and then gives you the options of connecting directly to the visitor – all of this takes place in a matter of seconds.
  • Reverse Number Lookup (optional)detailed address information for the caller.

Here’s some of the other questions I’ve come across for our Call Tracker service:

Q:  Can I order a vanity number?
A:  Yes.  I’ll need to check availability first and there is an additional cost to setup a vanity number.

Q:  Can I take my Call Tracker number with me if I discontinue service?
  Yes.  We do not charge you if you want to switch to another carrier but your new carrier may charge you to accept it.

Q:  How much does it cost?
  The setup is free for Dealer Partners and Platinum Dealers.  You’ll get 250 minutes per month with your plan and we charge a small per minute fee for overages.

Q:  How long does it take to get a Call Tracker number setup?
  Typically, it takes about 2-3 hours.

Q:  Can I block a bad caller or fax machine from calling my Call Tracker number?
A:  Yes, you can add numbers to your “blacklist”, which will block calls from that number.

Q:  How much is the Click-To-Call, Form-To-Phone and/or Reverse Number Lookup optional features?
  This depends on the plan you choose, for more details send me an email:  [email protected].

Q:  Can I buy additional numbers for my other advertising venues?
Yes, email me with how many numbers you want and I’ll email you right back with the pricing.

Q:  I’m ready, what do you need from me?
I need your local number that these calls will forward to, the contact name and email address the weekly reports will be sent to, your hours of operation for each day of the week and if you want call recording or not.

For more information or to get signed up, email me:  [email protected].

Cindy Spencer  🙂

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