Since January 1, 2009, we’ve had 28,839 visitors searching on specifially for a Campground, RV Park or RV Resort to camp with their families.  

As with the previous 10+ years, we expect that number to double in the next 2 months.  Then in June, July and August we are expecting over 100,000 visitors on our Campgrounds page.

     •   We have 5,800 listings in our campground category
     •   Our visitors can locate campgrounds by state, city and/or zip code radius 

We would like to make sure we have the most up-to-date information for your campground on our website and we need your help to do that. 

All you need to do is:

     •   Go to RVUSA’s “RV Parks, Resorts, Campgrounds” page
     •   Click on your state and locate your listing on that page (in alphabetical order)
     •   Review your complimentary listing
     •   If you have changes, email [email protected] so we can get it updated

You’ll notice on the Campgrounds page the map has orange triangles on it, which indicates a Member Listing in that state. 

If you click on one of those states, you’ll see the Member Listings at the top of the page with their name, address, toll-free number, local number, fax number, email link, website address link and a complete amenities list. 

The Member Listings gives us the ability to push the RVers on to your website, where they can get more information about your campground and call or email to make reservations to vacation or plan an extended-stay at your facility.

Take advantage of the exposure we can offer your campground by signing up for a Member Listing. 

     •   It’s only $159 per year!!
     •   No contract required
     •   No setup fees required
     •   Credit Card and check payments accepted
     •   To get started, email us for an Insertion Form

Do you need a professional, easy-to-maintain website? 

We can get your website online quick and easy with our website solutions exclusively designed for campgrounds.


We are here to help you succeed online!!

For more information on the complimentary listings, member listings and/or website solutions, please feel free to contact us.

Give us a call Toll-Free:  1-866-643-4625
Send us an email:  [email protected] 

provided by:  Cindy Spencer

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