NetSource MediaFor most dealers, potential customers take a look at their website first, to not only see what RVs, Trailers, etc., they have to offer, but to also get a feel for the “quality” of the dealership.  The design and programming team at NetSource Media recognize this fact, and are constantly looking for ways to improve Dealer websites, both custom-built designs and the library of professional EZ-Site designs available.  With either option, making sure the website visitors experience is an exceptional one, since it’s typically their first impression of the dealer, is extremely important.

Over the past 12 months, the NetSource Media team has added 6 new designs with 20 different color variations for the RV Industry and 6 new designs with 16 different color variations for the Trailer Industry to the EZ-Site Design library.

Along with the new designs, we’ve added designs with animated headers, mobile enabled designs and now have a design available to all verticals that will change based on the time of day the visitor accesses it.  During the daylight, it will have a blue sky and at night the background will change to a starry sky.  Quietwoods South Camping Resort is already using this design, “Adventure Awaits,” on their new website –

You can review the EZ-Site designs available by going to: – then click on the vertical applicable to your dealership at the top, right.

Cindy Spencer  🙂

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