In today’s society, everyone wants instant gratification, and what would make your customers any different? Our Get Sale Price tool is a great way to keep your customers satisfied and your business thriving.

With this tool, dealers can enter a sale price on new units that is lower than the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) pricing restrictions through our Member Management Console (MMC) which does not show up online. When visitors are browsing your website, they will see a “Get Sale Price” button. If clicked, the customer will be prompted to enter their email address, and once entered, the site will reveal the sale price as entered into the MMC. You will receive a copy of the emails to complete follow up and pursue sale leads.

This tool is great for both dealers and visitors because it not only gives visitors exactly what they want, but also provides a way for your dealership to stay in contact with them. This tool has the potential to increase your sales by preventing the initial customer dissatisfaction with the MAP. The dealers who are currently using this tool love that more visitors are being drawn in and that it is so easy to follow up with potential customers, while visitors love that it is simple to use and fast to respond.

The tool’s success speaks for itself. At the end of last year, one of RVUSA’s Dealer Partners noticed a decrease in email leads, not uncommon for winter. In mid-January, we added the Get Sale Price tool and the increase in leads was impressive. The dealer picked up 12-18 additional email leads per month from classified listings. If you have a website through us, you can add the tool there as well for even more leads.

This simple and easy to use tool is a great asset for your business and is guaranteed to increase both your dealership’s sale leads and your customer’s experience. Don’t let another customer be turned away by the high MAP pricing and add our Get Sale Price to your inventory listings today!

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