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What is GeoFencing and How Can It Help My Dealership?

cellphoneGeofencing is a smart device targeted advertising delivery method. It allows for real-time advertisement delivery to smart devices when they enter specific geo-coordinates (physical space). By leveraging GPS (global positioning satellites) coordinates we target with tremendous accuracy (within 2 feet). Once the smart device enters the demarcated or “fenced” area it is immediately tagged. Ads can immediately begin being presented (smart device location services settings in the default on position). 

Ads are shown on a range of websites, as well as within many applications on smart devices, and maintained persistently for up to 30 days. 

Geofencing is very powerful due to its targeting capability. The ability to deliver messages to prospects who are at specific spots is very compelling. There is no need to buy physical advertising within a venue. This provides the opportunity to target competitors at their physical location. 

It means you can present a message specifically to those who are at or have been to a specific physical location. The advantages of this approach are extremely difficult to replicate using any other method. Additionally, you obtain the advantage of message persistence.

Another powerful capability is message dispersal. With our intelligent cross-device matching capabilities ads are also served on desktops, laptops, and tablets, in addition to the mobile phone. 

How Can Geofencing Help My Dealership?

geofence mapMuch of advertising is wasted because it isn’t targeted. The more shotgun the marketing the lower conversion will be. With geofencing we can target (your competitors) to enhance your marketing. 

One of the golden keys of marketing is being present to a willing and receptive audience. Warming up prospects through the process of acquisition and education is expensive and time-consuming. When used correctly geofencing focuses on conversion, not education or acquisition. It allows your competitors to create demand and then you can advertise to this warm prospect your brand and offerings. By reducing the amount of educating and focusing on selling your margins will skyrocket. 

Geofencing can also be used in a defensive manner to both block out competitors as well as reinforce your messaging to prospects that have been to your dealership. If they visit your lot this reinforcing messaging can be extremely powerful in convincing someone in your reach. It allows prospects to become comfortable with your stability and capability. In addition, you can provide messaging that helps drive those prospects to sale with a “special” offer that helps seal the deal. Remember, the ad can be limited to only those who have been to your dealership. 

So, geofencing provides you both an offensive and defensive approach to marketing. It is targeted, accurate, relevant, and persistent. Used with thought, geofencing is a fantastic additional element to your marketing mix. 

Geofencing is Revolutionizing the Competitive Dealership Landscape

Influence Immediate Behavior:

  • Target competitor locations so you can present prospects with your offerings and competitive advantages and influence real-time engagement
  • Stay “top of mind” to prospects to close deals faster and reduce lost deals

Increase Brand Awareness and Drive Leads:

  • Find potential customers where they frequent (events or activities) to make them aware of your dealership
  • Utilize target demographic knowledge to geofence associated products and services such as campgrounds or four-wheel drive vehicle dealerships, etc. 

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Key items and how geofencing addresses them:


Match advertising to current/recent physical presence


Ads are delivered at in real time and maintain persistence


Messaging is tuned to match the shopping interest of the prospect


Ads present the opportunity to deliver value to the shopper (e.g. information about offers, advantages, and benefits of buying from you)


This is the most difficult item to achieve because humor is very subjective. However, the right message can be constructed to entertain if desired. Geofencing ads can use video to help communicate an entertaining message