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Dealership Lead Nurture Program

Lead Nurture: Moving Prospects to Sales-Ready Buyers

One of the biggest marketing challenges dealerships face is spending money to get traffic to their website yet failing to convert visitors into leads. This inability to engage prospects means there is no opportunity for ongoing communication with the prospect. It is the inability to offer value that is the root of the problem. 

By creating compelling opt-in content we encourage prospects to engage. Once this takes place the delivery of a sequence of messages can take place. These messages are designed to assist prospects and transition from being a prospect to becoming your customer. 

Provide an Alternative to "Buy Now or Goodbye"

Most dealerships believe that they only need to provide sales-oriented content on their website. this is a serious failure because statistics (bounce rates, visitor versus engagement, conversion rates, etc.) demonstrate that most visitors are not ready to purchase. 

Many prospects are visiting your website in hopes of finding helpful information to assist them in moving forward toward a purchase. That's where our lead nurture program enters the scene. 

Our program provides compelling content to assist prospects through a buying journey. 

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