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LiveChat Lead Generation for Dealership Websites

Stop missing out on new leads and opportunities from potential customers that are on your website now looking for answers to help them make a buying decision with LiveChat. Using chat software on your website helps keep the lines of communication open. It’s easy to use and your team members (agents) using it don’t have to be tied to their desk to interact with website visitors.

There are many benefits of using live chat software including:

Benefits for Visitors

  • Instant answers to their questions
  • Less confusion about your business/products/services
  • Better feeling about your company, because you’re there for them

Benefits for Your Employees

  • An easy-to-use tool for communicating with customers
  • Ability to keep in touch with customers from just about anywhere including: Desktop PCs, Tablets & Smartphones.

This gives you so many options for interacting with customers. In addition to this, there are so many other benefits to using LiveChat, including keeping track of all the details of your chats and ensuring data security, just to mention a couple. See the expanded list of features and benefits below.

To get more details or to get started with LiveChat, complete the form on this page. Let’s transform more of your website visitors into long-term customers.

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Features and Benefits of LiveChat

  • Unlimited chat history
  • Full chat customization
  • Ticketing system
  • Data security
  • Basic reporting
  • Works on web, desktop and mobile
  • Canned responses (optional & customizable)
  • Pre-chat & post-chat surveys
  • Agent rating
  • Visitor details (name, email, location, currently viewed page, etc.)
  • Visitor tracking (up to 400)
  • Transfer chat between agents
  • File sharing
  • Smart chat routing
  • Manual chat routing
  • Daily summary email report
  • LiveChat Dashboard
  • Basic chat stats
  • Ticket stats
  • Automated greetings
  • Proactive chats
  • Mobile chat window
  • Efficiency data
  • Banned visitor list
  • Login with Google
  • Chat themes (to best fit your website design)
  • Your logo in chat window
  • Pre-set chat buttons or you can upload a custom graphic
  • White label
  • Email transcripts

*The agents responding to chats will be members of your staff. NetSource will not manage chats.
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