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Our team of paid digital marketing experts will drive traffic and qualified leads to your website

Pay Per Click advertising is a cost-effective and rapid way to get high page visibility. With the right keywords, call to action, landing page, budget, and website, you can obtain leads on PPC immediately.

PPC is a great method for advertising because it can be adjusted very fast and is highly scalable. This means that you can set your own budget and tune it accordingly. When you meet with our certified PPC Marketing Team members, we’ll look at everything that factors into a strong PPC campaign and to help meet your unique objectives. 

We’ll give our budget recommendations and set up your account. You can relax and let us manage everything in your campaign so that you see a positive ROI. Every month we’ll send you a report and let you know how we’re doing and work with you on perfecting this campaign. 


Innovative PPC for Google, Facebook & others

Google and Facebook are constantly improving capabilities and functionality to round out their paid marketing delivery systems. We stay on top of the latest advancements and ensure that worthy features and capabilities are delivered to you. 


Geomarketing, Remarketing & Custom Audiences

Dynamic MarketingBoth Google and Facebook offer geomarketing that focuses on targeting ads to specific geographic radius areas. This is extremely helpful for targeting events or even competitors. It isn't precise (radial) but can be combined with other data to allow for effective campaigns. 

Remarketing allows you to create ads that "follow" visitors after they have been to your website. After the visit, they can then see your ads appear across the internet on Google's advertising network. This is a great way to turn visitors into known prospects who can then be communicated with. This reminder capability is very effective when combined with other marketing tactics that drive traffic to your website (such as PPC). 

Facebook allows for direct targeting of lists called Custom Audiences. Once someone has opted into your list (such as with a newsletter offering or valued content) they can be entered into a Facebook Custom Audience list that can receive your ads. This is yet another fantastic approach to leveraging advertising to drive customers. In this case, the focus is taking a known prospect and turning them into a customer. 

By using these different paid methods in harmony, with proper messaging, you can assist customers through their buying journey. 


Youtube and Video

Video PPCYoutube is the second largest search engine (after Google). Nearly everyone has seen video advertisements that rest on top of other videos. The great thing about the YouTube PPC network is that you do not pay if someone skips your ad.

One challenge many of our customers face is having a solid video. We can help by producing a video for you. However, if you have a TV commercial or even several from the past, we can edit them to create a solid advertisement for you. Adding professional voice over is simple and we can get you going rapidly so that YouTube can be another form of advertising that you can leverage. 

YouTube video is still not widely utilized by dealerships thus it provides an excellent source for promotion. YouTube also has a degree of targeting allowing for demographic, location, and other types of data to be considered before display. 

Video can also be leveraged on Facebook and other networks. We can use a single piece of content across multiple channels for maximum efficiency. 

Do not avoid video! Many see it as difficult and therefore there is still a lot of opportunity in this space.


Slideshow & Animation PPC

Slideshow ads that display inventory items in rotation are extremely effective. This slideshow-like capability stands out from other ads and continues to deliver a high conversion rate. Customized animations ad a little more eye-catching design and are another great way to stand out from the crowd. Our design team works with our PPC ad management team to continually tune campaigns and maximize your advertising ROI. 

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