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Use Remarketing and Stay Visible to Your Website Visitors 

Would you love for your dealership to stay in front of customers long after they leave your website? This is exactly what our managed remarketing services provides.
Even if a website visitor does not provide their information to you we can still advertise directly to them as they click around the Internet and visit other websites. No longer are form submissions the only way to identify and keep your dealership "front and center" to website visitors after they leave your site. 

Remarketing Assures Revisits

Have you ever visited a website and failed to bookmark the site. Then you get busy. Then you forget how you found the site or even the name of the company? You may try to figure it out, but how long? So, you move on. 

Remarketing puts an end to that scenario playing out for your website visitors. Visitors see your brand and is actually more effective than a bookmark because ads appear right in front of them. No hunting or searching is required.

Remarketing Provides Persistence

It has been proven with many studies that a prospect typically requires a minimum of 7 exposures to your brand before they engage. Digital exposure is even more critical because prospects do not need to have a physical engagement to discover their buying options. That's why visibility and persistence are so critical to your brand's long term success. 
Another huge benefit is that if someone is utilizing Chrome along with Google's services (such as gmail) then ads can follow them across devices. So, your ad can be seen where ever they go (work, home or on the road) and whatever device they use (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet).

Remarketing Delivers Social Trust

One of the hidden and rarely thought about the benefits of remarketing is the element of social trust. The idea is that since your ad is appearing as web visitors travel around the Internet they are going to sites they prefer and typically trust or are interested in. With your ad appearing on these trusted sites there is an assumed endorsement. This quasi endorsement helps advance your brand. 

Start remarketing today!

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