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ADA Dealership Website Compliance Services

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If you are lacking American Disabilities Act (ADA) website compliance services, your dealership is unknowingly being placed at risk! This is a fact and your exposure is increasing each day. 

Companies are being dragged into legal battles because their websites show no attempt to be ADA compliant. Out of court settlements start around $20,000. Fighting a failed legal battle can easily rack up over $50,000 in fines plus attorney fees. This does not include victim compensation awarded by the court!

This is why we are offering ADA, WCAG 2.1, and Section 508 Compliance services. 

Our comprehensive web accessibility tool utilizes powerful AI technology to keep your site compliant. We maintain and manage your site to ensure a 96%+ success rate powered remediation. We deliver all updates to our software so you do not have to be concerned about becoming out of date. 

Over 2,200 cases were filed in 2018 compared to only 816 during 2017. That’s a whopping 180 percent increase over the course of just one year.

Now your website will be certified and open to people with disabilities. Even more importantly, you are remediating a significant threat to your business. 

ADA compliance is a large requirement and a failure to demonstrate any concern for the legislation creates a serious vulnerability. Let our software, with its powerful learning and adaptive abilities, deliver all the needed functionality to protect your dealership.

ADA Compliance Services features for users include:

  • Font adjustments
  • Color adjustments
  • Animation control
  • Content highlighting
  • Audio muting
  • Cognitive assistance
  • and more….

ADA Compliance is designed to benefit:

  • The visually impaired – blind, color blind, blurred vision, cataracts, other visual challenges
  • Those with motor and mobility issues
  • Epileptics 
  • Those with cognitive disorders

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Our inexpensive service eliminates the risk of unnecessary legal entanglements.
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