If you’re looking to get more qualified leads from Facebook and Facebook Marketplace, then you need to be using Meta’s new Automotive Inventory Ads, or AIA campaigns.

Gone are the days when anyone could put an ad up on Facebook or post a unit in Marketplace and have it seen. Facebook has changed the way they showcase automotive-based ads, and these changes will affect the way people see your inventory. If you aren’t using AIA campaigns, then your ads are in jeopardy of not being seen.

No need to worry though! As Meta business partners and dealership social media experts, we are prepared to walk you through the importance of these ads and how they can generate high-quality leads for your dealership.

Once you’re ready to run AIA, give us a call! We’ll help you get started today!

AIA Campaigns on Facebook Get Leads for Your Dealership

Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) were first introduced in 2020. They help ensure Facebook is displaying more relevant ads to people looking to purchase vehicles, RVs, and trailers. These types of ads display specific units from your inventory that have a high likelihood of engaging the user. If a user clicks on a unit In the AIA campaign, they land on a specialized Vehicle Detail Page (VDP), which is created using a Facebook catalog. From this VDP landing page, shoppers can learn more about your vehicle, discover additional inventory from your dealership, and connect directly to you through Facebook Messenger or a phone call, or can be directed to your dealership’s website.

AIA not only directs people to a VDP, but it also allows shoppers to continue through to your website. When setting up the ads, there are options to create them as “on-Facebook” landing pages or website traffic. We recommend doing a mixture of the two. This will fully optimize your ads for the greatest possible reach, website traffic, and qualified leads. 

On-Facebook AIA campaigns beat out traditional ads because they focus solely on vehicles. Targeting is specialized right down to the make, model, and trim, so your ad is shown to the exact right person searching for it.  


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Facebook AIA  Explained

With 63% of US consumers shopping for vehicles online, keeping your ads current is crucial for growing your dealership. Dealers that are using AIA are seeing ad reach double in comparison to traditional Facebook advertising. Additionally, you can leverage the full power of Marketplace to display your inventory to interested shoppers.

After you set up your dealership’s AIA feed, it should automatically update with your current inventory. Normally, this is a daily automatic update. Even better, Facebook dynamically shows these ads to your audience. In other words, the algorithm will show the most relevant units to the Facebook user. For example, if a user was searching for a new Forest River RV, Facebook will automatically show this user the Forest River RVs that you have in your inventory feed.

Dealer Benefits of Using AIA Campaigns

Dealer Benefits of Using AIA Campaigns 

Saves Money: A major part of AIA being successful is that it reduces ad spend. As a result, you get more leads with the same spend. According to Facebook, directing customers to on-Facebook landing pages reduces cost-per-lead by 82% and cost-per-view by 17%. Instead of linking to your website, it’s more effective to have shoppers view your inventory on Facebook after clicking your ads. 

Better Ad Placement: Using AIA for advertising will ensure your ads are only shown to shoppers most likely to buy. Your ad slots will reach high-intent shoppers at the top of the Marketplace vehicle feed and on consumer vehicle listings.  

Improved Shopping Experience: Simply put, shoppers on Facebook will be most comfortable shopping on Facebook. Users are familiar with the layout, feel safe browsing on the platform. Dealers get the benefit of qualifying leads in real-time via Facebook Messenger and lead forms. 

Enhanced Tracking: The true power of on-Facebook AIA campaigns can be found in its ability to remarket. AIA will automatically retarget any shopper that viewed your inventory or messaged you through Facebook. You’re essentially re-engaging these high potential buyers through strategic ad placement as they continue to use Facebook. It’s been shown that retargeted audiences are 70% more likely to convert than brand new ones.   

Increased Website Traffic: These dynamic AIA campaigns show individual units to the most relevant audiences. Because AIA are so specifically targeted, your dealership has better odds of someone clicking back to your website. Additionally, AIA are often preferred by Facebook when you advertise RVs, trailers, and other vehicles. This means that Facebook will show your ads to more people, giving you a higher reach than traditional ads and, again, an increase in website traffic.

Are There Any Disadvantages With AIA? 

Once we get your catalog set up and feeding automatically, there are no disadvantages for dealers using Facebook AIA campaigns. By resisting this change, dealers will not be able to track buyer activity, lose premium ad placements, and spend more for fewer leads. Most importantly, dealers will miss out on brand reach and engagement that can grow their businesses. The dynamic VDPs linked to your AIA campaign can display all your inventory, including new and used models. As a result, all Marketplace catalog vehicles have increased odds of being viewed by interested buyers.

Proper AIA Campaign Set Up 

It’s important to follow best practices recommended by Meta and other experts when setting up AIA. If you don’t, your results will likely be limited. Taking the time to understand the settings, create your Facebook catalog, test your pixel, optimize your images, fill out your product descriptions, and ultimately understand Facebook and its audience will be key in getting the highest return for your money. Even if you know how to flip the AIA switch on, you still need to interpret the reporting and confirm your goals are being reached.

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Difference Between Facebook Ads and AIA

The biggest difference between AIA and traditional Facebook ads is that AIA was designed exclusively to promote vehicles. Traditional ads are more general and individual units are no longer allowed to be advertised in most placements, like newsfeed, on Facebook. Only more generic ads that focus on a brand, type, or model will be approved.  The new AIA formats promote the individual unit your audience is most likely to be interested in, while still making it easy to get back to your website.

If you already have a Facebook vehicle feed set up, it’s a no-brainer to try AIA for your next adverting setup. RV dealers have tested AIA and found that it produces better results than traditional Facebook ads. Get an edge on your competition and grow your business on Facebook by investing in AIA campaigns for your dealership today!

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