Using videos on inventory units can be a very helpful sales tool, especially since most people shop online before visiting the dealership. Here are 4 more ways to incorporate videos on your dealership’s website:

Hire a Drone Videographer for Aerial Tours of Your Lot!

What better way to show the quantity and variety of your dealership’s inventory than an aerial video? Take M&G Trailer in Ramsey, Minnesota for example. An aerial photo, followed by the drone video are two of the first things you see on their website. This immediately shows – without saying a word – what they have to offer.

Watch M&G Trailer’s drone video:

We suggest hiring a videographer because shooting a clear, steady video takes skill, experience and high quality equipment. If you have a drone and want to DIY, by all means, give it a shot and see how it goes. Either way, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Look at other drone aerial tour videos to get ideas of what you like/don’t like.
  • Think about what you want your finished video to look like and discuss that with the drone operator in advance in order to plan the shots.
  • Decide whether you want to shoot during business hours or not. The benefit to shooting while you’re open is that there will be traffic on your lot. However, shooting while it’s empty allows the drone operator full, unobstructed access to all areas. You also eliminate any privacy concerns your shoppers may have of being on video.
  • Make sure the lot is neat and tidy. Keep in mind that this includes your roof. If you need to pressure wash it – do that before shooting!
  • Consider the weather. A nice, clear day is obviously best.
  • In order to operate a drone commercially, the drone operator is required by the FAA to be certified. So, if you hire a professional, make sure they are certified.

Want someone to do the leg work for you? Contact us and we’ll do the leg work to get a pilot scheduled out to your dealership!

Staff Interviews

Staff pages have become common as part of the “About Us” section of websites. This gives a personal touch to the website and the company. Adding videos of your staff can take it a step further.

The video might be as simple as having the members of your sales teams talk about their experience in helping families find the right product. You might also incorporate your staff members in a video tour of the facility. For example, have the Service Manager guide a walk through of the service area and then hand off to the parts department and so on.


Written reviews and testimonials are fantastic tools for bringing in new customers. Imagine the power of a well done video testimonial!

Whenever possible, ask your happy customers if they would be willing to participate in a short video explaining their experience and how the purchase has benefited them. Make sure you’re organized and have a plan in place before scheduling your customers for the video shoot. It would be best to provide them with specific questions to think about before they come in so they feel prepared as well. The end result will be better for it.

See a great example of video customer testimonials on Palm RV’s website.

Tips & How-Tos


You’re already very knowledgeable about your industry. Sharing that knowledge in the form of tips and how-tos by blogging and/or vlogging will mark your dealership as an expert that people return to when they are in need of help. In addition to retaining customers, you’re likely to pick up new ones as well who find your resources when they are trying to solve a problem.

Ancira RV has created a section called RV101 for this purpose. Check out their Service and Technical videos.

Keystone RV Center has a resource section on their website called “Teach Me RV” where they create videos based on customer requests.

Are you already using videos in interesting and effective ways on your dealership website? Tell us how in the comments!

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