A quick look beyond claims of 30%-40%-or more leads lies a real path to getting more dealership leads for good and for real. No special formulas, no inside special innovations, no tricks, and no deception. Read on and you’ll see how to get more dealership leads all through some simple math.

Getting More Dealership Leads

All digital marketing lead generation follows the same principle. It requires someone to submit a form with their contact information. Working backward prior to the prospect submitting their information, the question is “what would compel or motivate someone to do that?”.

There are limited number of reasons why someone would provide their information. The primary ones are a desire:

  • To view/access page content or information
  • To obtain valued content
  • To get help or assistance
  • For sales information (including purchase)

Lead generation needs to be thought of as a continuum. At one end of the continuum, if you want leads now (and do not have a list), you must do digital advertising and have compelling enough reason for visitors to provide their information (see above).

At the other end of the continuum, if you want to invest and play the long game which delivers an ongoing source of leads, you utilize a variety of techniques both outside and on your website to draw traffic to you. This is called Inbound or attraction marketing.

The aggregated data from many industries and built out conversion by channel as well as lead conversion by industry. This is an outs

Formula For More Leads

The “How” Matters Most

Dealership leads cost and qualityWe would contend that it is much more important HOW things are done than what is done. Whether it is a Google PPC, Facebook Ads, blog posts or SEO how it is executed matters. The challenge is that knowing if your digital marketing agency is doing well is often very difficult. Often the challenge is a two way street involving communication. It takes work to monitor and communicate. It takes time to figure out what is working and then tuning it to improve the results. However, the cost of not doing this can be 20%-30%. Interestingly this is often the claimed number by several agencies about how much they will improve lead numbers. That’s an interesting factoid.

1. Understand Your Buyers

Dealership Leads StageKnowing your buyers educates things tremendously. Once you know your buyers you will clearly see that buying is a process not an act. Prospects not only shop, they also research. Before they researching they must develop a desire or interest. Understanding these stages educates how we message.

To obtain more leads means that we move beyond an expectation that everyone who crosses our path is ready to buy now. Providing this as the sole path to engage with your dealership means you are leaving a lot of money on the table. This is a misguided approach to marketing in general, but even more so when discussing digital marketing.

Another thing to consider is that potential customers rarely label themselves as shoppers. Often this is done intentionally to avoid a hard sales approach. In fact, sales people want to address sales issues while a shopper is seeking help.

Thus, many sales people, as well as prospects, disregard each other after a sufficient amount of frustrating interactions (phone calls or emails). It isn’t the phone call or email. but the attempt to sale and the mismatch of need and desire that causes the problem. It’s huge mismatch that results in shoppers doing their own research and souring on your dealership in the meanwhile. This is why there must be a path for non sales ready prospects to follow. Developing this path provides your dealership the opportunity to connect and relationship build with prospects.

Remember, a binary approach to leads (buy now or bye bye) lacks the required subtlety required to turn a prospect into a customer.

2. What Type of Lead?

The terms lead generation, lead conversation, prospect, lead, etc. are often used interchangeably or even defined differently. However, what is most critical is to understanding that all leads are not sales ready leads. Sales likes to talk about lead quality but often the issue is not quality but one of stage.

lead-dialLead generation is for most is associated with SQL (sales qualified leads) or “buyer leads”. Following that mindset, anyone who passes your way must be ready to buy from you. For that matter they just need to be sold. The theory goes that you just need contact information and then sales will close the deal. The thought continues that if you just the lead the right offer they will buy. Or if you press them they will purchase. This entire premise is completely faulty now more than ever before.

Most dealerships have not modernized their thinking to understand that most digital marketing leads are NOT sales ready. In fact, by NOT providing various options on your website, other than “buy now”, you are failing to obtain maximum value from your marketing efforts. Once this is comprehended then focus needs to be placed upon treating leads in an appropriate manner to deliver maximum benefit to the prospect and your organization. By delivering value to a prospect based upon you are actually benefiting your dealership. This is because you are building trust and a rapport. The investment in this approach and process has been proven in numerous studies to close sales faster and build more customers brand loyalty.

Remember, just because someone is shopping does not mean they are ready to purchase…especially from you. 

3. Reach Your Prospects with the Right Message and Medium

Content MarketingOnce it is known that everyone you engage with isn’t ready to buy now, and are at different stages of a journey, you can develop processes, messaging and content to appeal to different categories of shoppers. This combined with the medium provides the path to successful optimization of lead conversion. With tuning of the message to the medium, different conversion methods can be leveraged.

Popular paid channels are:

  • Directory listings (e.g. RVUSA.com, TrailersUSA, etc.)
  • Pay Per Click offerings (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • Social inventory listings (e.g. Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, etc.)

Popular unpaid channels:

  • Blog content development
  • SEO landing pages
  • Organic social postings
  • Gated content (content that requires contact submission to receive)

Each channel has its own ability to be analyzed with the buyer’s stage in mind. For example, Google PPC is easily tuned based upon the search terms paid for.

Go Forth and Market

Sometimes it is hard to recognize gold and confuse it for fools gold or not even have the knowledge of what it looks like. In this instance we can say that these are 3 golden pieces of information: (1) Understand Your Buyers; (2) Conversion; and (3) Reach Your Prospects with the Right Message and Medium.

There are many other aspects to successful lead generation however, if these three concepts are adhered to then you will be light years ahead of your competition and a platform for ongoing leads. Most importantly it is the foundation for a strategy of successful marketing for years to come.


We can assist in ensuring you have a lasting process around your lead acquisition process. This can include a process for a steady pipeline. GIve us a call at 800.709.3240 or CLICK HERE to fill out this form: https://www.netsourcemedia.com/contact.


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