Over the last decade, millennials have created quite a reputation for themselves. I, myself being a millennial try to consistently be the “exception” as do many others. Despite what many say, millennials are dominating the work force, hold more college degrees than any other generation of young adults, and represent the most charitable generation. So how is this group of people affecting the RV industry? In more ways than you know!

What is a millennial?

Millennials are those born between 1981-1996. They are known for caring about the environment, appreciating experiences rather than materialistic items, and speaking out about social issues.  They tend to love the outdoors, camping, and embracing what nature has to offer. What better way to experience the earth than driving in an RV?! This group of people has created an entirely new demographic, and there has been a surge in RV purchases from those that fit this group.

Did you know, millennials are said to travel 30% more than previous generations? What better way to travel around the country than to hop in their RV and go on their way! With this in mind, we have seen a significant increase in RV sales in the last decade due to the boost of millennials purchases.


What entices a millennial to purchase their own RV?
  1. It can be cost effective in the long run! Not having to rent a car or a hotel allows you to travel and save when you get there. You can also store your own food which can save on fast food runs on the road.
  2. It gives them access to Wi-Fi, television, their own kitchen, and other amenities that millennials typically request when on the road.
  3. It is good for families with children. Allows them to travel while having the space for their children to not feel stuck in a car, and they can sleep indoors while camping.
Changing the RV Industry


Millennials are truly changing the RV industry in a big way.  Even the design of these RV’s have had to change to adapt to this generation. What people wanted in their RV 30 years ago, is totally different than the modern amenities people want now. From new comfortable seating, USB ports, WIFI, solar paneling etc. You can see major changes that are happening to adjust this demographic.

So how do you accommodate this younger group of environmental loving millennials as an RV dealership? RV companies are noticing this trend, and the best way to stay ahead and keep sales up, is to learn about the newest demographic of RV buyers! Consider keeping different models in stock that can adhere to this demographic. Such as, light weight, inexpensive and have an abundance of technology!

Marketing RVs to Millenials

Remember, RV’s are not just for retirees anymore, so learn about this new group of RV buyers, and adjust your lot accordingly!

The best place to market RVs to the Millennial demographic is where they live.. On Social Media!  Millennials are the social media generation, they live they, they use it for everything and that is something that yo, as a dealership, can take full advantage of!

Now, one thing about this generation is they don’t want to simply be sold to! You need to offer them value.. Make them see you as a leader in the industry… Gain their trust and then they will be more likely to buy from you!

One way you can do this is to incorporate lifestyle content into your regular social media shares. While you may not see this as beneficial, I can promise you, it is!

Let Us Help You Reach Your Target Market

If you need help reaching your target market, no matter if that is Millennials or retirees, we have you covered.

Our team of expert marketers will help you reach new heights with your dealership. Go ahead, give us a call or send us a message to get your FREE QUOTE on a personalized RV marketing plan today.



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