Are you on  If not, why?

Did you know that in May 2009, Facebook surpassed MySpace and became the most popular social networking website in the US?

comScore did a study and found that Facebook grew 97% from May 2008 to May 2009 and Twitter grew 2,681% during that same timeframe. 

I’m already submitting 5 RV Ads per hour to the RVUSA page on  The RVUSA followers on Twitter can click on the URL with each ad submission and they are taken right to the detail page for that ad on  Over the past 7 days, that’s generated more than 1,000 clicks for our dealers inventory.

Hotels continue to invest in social media websites because when actively managed, they can generate a significant increase in overall revenue for their properties.  I say why let Hotels have all the fun?

You can easily create a page for your dealership on Facebook once you have an account setup.  Then you can post your news, events, open houses, welcome new employees, announce when you get new RVs on the lot, post RV for sale listings (which can be done easily through and much, much more.


  • The pages are public.  Even though most of Facebook content is behind a login, most of the Fan pages are not, which allows the search engines to index them.
  • You can include links on your page, which gives you some nice link credit.
  • Easily send “updates to fans”.  One of the greatest features is you have the ability to send “updates” to fans whenever you want.  So you can build a database of potential and/or current customers and send then messages about new product arrivals, website updates, etc.
  • You control the page, messages sent, content and information.
  • Exponential growth.  When someone joins a Fan page it’s published in their News Feed.  The friends of that person will see that and become fans as well and then their friends will see it and so on.
  • It’s free and easy – takes a few minutes to create with information, URL and logo.  You can make your own page by going here:

Just follow the steps and if you have any questions, let me know.

Cindy Spencer  🙂

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