The About page is an important part of a dealership’s website because it can help potential customers gain trust in the company, which facilitates purchase decisions. The About page is usually the focus of intense scrutiny during website development, but is often neglected post-launch as the business turns its attention to inventory listings and other pages that focus on sales.

While the information on an About page might not change much, user expectations evolve over time, and what worked on an About page three years ago might not be as persuasive for today’s more sophisticated customer base. Here are some questions to consider when writing (or rewriting) a compelling About page for your dealership. How does yours measure up?

  • Re-read your current About page with your customer in mind. Does it tell the story you want it to tell, in the order you want to tell it? Try reading the last paragraph first; some businesses end their About pages beautifully, but due to the short attention spans of online readers, comparatively few users will ever see the content that describes those dealerships so well.
  • Think about the tone of your About page. It may be your first conversation with the customer. Does the About page accurately reflect your pattern of greeting new customers and telling them about your dealership? Does it introduce your company in terms of how it can be of service to the customer?
  • What makes your dealership truly unique? Is it the products, the service, or both? Describe the relationships you build with your customers and how you appreciate and benefit from those connections. Explain (or show, with images and video) how your products are made and how your company provides exceptional service. Be specific; it’s much more memorable.

Try to avoid or at least reword descriptions of your business such as “family-owned company” and “handed down from generation to generation” that describe most local businesses. Potential customers are likely to see those phrases on competitors’ sites when they comparison shop and can become jaded. Perhaps you can illustrate the history of your business with photographs, a short video interview of a senior company leader, or a company history timeline.

  • It’s great to tell readers why you got into the business, but it’s articulating why you’re still in it that will really pique their interest. What changes have occurred in the industry since the dealership opened, and how has your company adapted to those changes? What keeps those running the company interested in coming in every day? Let readers know why what you’re selling is exciting to you and to others in the organization.
  • Do you treat your employees well? Hopefully so, and your customers need to know that because most people prefer to do business, especially repeat business, with an organization that appreciates its employees. Post a team photo on your About page with a caption that gives credit for your success to your amazing employees, or mention the annual picnic or fun holiday gift exchange.
  • Has your dealership won awards or been recognized by the industry or your community? Don’t just share dates and names; add a line or two detailing why that recognition was particularly meaningful to your dealership.
  • Does your About page invite readers to come in and experience the dealership for themselves, and does it assure them that their visit will be easy and fun?

People like to do things that are easy and fun. The thought of being pressured to buy something they don’t want doesn’t sound easy or fun, but that’s an unfortunate perception of dealerships. Help potential customers feel comfortable with calling or coming in to the dealership by telling them what to expect. If you use a guided sales process, explain that your sales people will carefully assess customers’ needs; if you allow customers to browse on their own, let users know that your team will happily answer any questions. The goal is to let customers know that no matter where they are in the buying process, they are welcome in your dealership.

Your dealership’s About page should be unique to your company and give readers a sense of your company culture, history, and values. If it’s been a while since you revisited the copy on that page, why not make that your next website improvement project?

About the Author: Rachaelle Lynn is Google Certified in Analytics and AdWords and has over 12 years of experience in website development and digital advertising, including e-commerce, SEO, PPC, and social media. She has helped many businesses, from small local companies to large international organizations, establish online presences and leverage them to increase revenue.

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