speedboatBoat dealers have special internet marketing needs, so it’s extremely valuable to have someone with knowledge of the industry managing their digital advertising campaigns. In addition to an attractive website and typical internet marketing activities, there’s often a need for inventory management for selling boats online. Here are some tips on how boat dealers can evaluate internet marketing agencies.

  • Find an agency that offers custom websites; cookie-cutter templates won’t help you differentiate your brand from other boat dealers. Don’t forget mobile! In a 2013 survey of 5000 US adults, 79% of mobile phone owners used their phones to search for local businesses.
  • Boats are a visual vertical, so be sure to view graphic design / logo portfolio pieces from the agencies you are considering.
  • Choose easy-to-use inventory management software you can handle on your own to keep costs down. Unlimited photos and videos on vehicle-specific pages that are exported to multiple online directories and websites help you sell quickly by attracting more buyers and keeping those buyers interested.
  • Service after the sale is critical; you don’t want to be abandoned after signing on the dotted line, so find an agency with a reputation for maintaining relationships with their customers.
  • Creativity is key to out-of-the box thinking on how to generate leads for your business, but data shouldn’t be ignored. Find a digital marketing agency that strikes a good balance between new ideas and those generated by solid reporting.

For more information about digital marketing for boat dealers, call 800-709-3240 or email us.

About the Author: Rachaelle Lynn is Google Certified in Analytics and AdWords and has over 12 years of experience in website development and digital advertising, including e-commerce, SEO, PPC, and social media. She has helped many businesses, from small local companies to large international organizations, establish online presences and leverage them to increase revenue.

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