January through March is a busy time for dealers who participate in RV Shows.  A lot of preparation and work goes into getting ready for these events.  Here are a few of the online tools you can use to make sure your RV shows are a success – available only through RVUSA.com.

Print Window Stickers with QR Codes – Engage Show Attendees on Mobile Devices

Print customized window stickers for every unit featuring your logo, contact information and detailed information about that unit.  Each window sticker includes a QR code, which allows any smart device to link directly to that unit online for more information.

 Bulk Price Updater – Update Your Online Pricing for the Show – FAST!

Are you looking for a quick way to update the pricing on your units for your RV Show?  One of our newest tools is the Bulk Price Updater.  This gives you the ability to update pricing (MSRP, MAP, Price and Sale Price) for every unit you have online, all on one single page.  Once the show is over, it’s just as easy to change the prices back.

Sales Flyers with QR Codes, Quick and Easy – Create Customized Show Specials Flyers

You may not be able to take all the units you want to feature to the show.  No problem.  Use the Sales Flyer tool to quickly & easily generate handouts of your show specials and give them to attendees.  You can display up to 10 units per page.  Customize the flyer by selecting the fields you want to display and we’ll add in a QR code.  One of our dealers prints all of his inventory this way and takes a 3-ring binder to the event.  This way he can display everything their dealership has available!

Custom Payment Calculator – Help RV Shoppers Find Affordable Payments

Every RV listed on RVUSA.com and on dealer inventory pages displays a payment calculator.  Customize the payment calculator to the Term, Interest Rate and Percent Down that best fits your dealership.  Help RV shoppers feel at ease by showing them affordable payments for the units they’re interested in.

My team is dedicated to building tools that will help dealers, like you, succeed online.  We have a big list of improvements for 2012, both that have come from our team members and our customers.  We’ve talked to a lot of dealers over the years that are with other providers for website hosting / inventory management, who are continually told NO when they ask for online tools like these.  My team welcomes your ideas, suggestions, comments, etc.  Keep them coming and we will continue to move the ball forward with you.

Please post your ideas here or email them to me, [email protected].

Cindy Spencer  🙂

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