Continuing upon a history of recognition by our peers, NetSource was awarded another Addy Award on Friday, February 21st. This year NetSource won a Gold level award for our “5 Reasons to Switch Marketing Agencies” content design. NetSource’s Director of Operations, Melissa Thrush and Director of Marketing, Kevin Shayne were present to accept the award.NetSource Media 2020 Addy

At the event, Melissa stated, “I’m extremely proud of the quality of our strategy as well as our design work. NetSource continues to be an unrivaled leader in our space. We deliver everything from tactical marketing to broad integrated campaigns that involve strategy, marketing tactics, advertising, design, programming, and more.”

The “5 Reasons” infographic is built around the buyer’s journey model, which is core to NetSource’s top-level marketing strategy for all clients. Utilizing the same proven methodology we recommend to our customers is part of our overall integrity.

NetSource’s Kevin Shayne describes it this way: “Central to our advice to our clients is content marketing within the context of the buyer’s journey. This means creating valued content throughout the buying cycle. The “5 Reasons” infographic fits this model – for us. It is an early stage piece.” He continued, “We determined that many dealerships do not know if they are being treated fairly by their marketing agency. So, we decided that we can help let dealerships know that they may be receiving less than optimal marketing services.”

NetSource has found this piece to be indispensable to educating prospects and uses it in various ways. The infographic model is simple and elegant, packed with vital content yet extremely easy to read, understand, and leverage.

This piece illustrates how we follow our own advice with content marketing, lead nurture, and design best practices. Dealership customers that are following our methodology are obtaining continual email engagement over 5-20x national averages.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the “5 Reasons To Switch Your Marketing Agency”

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