Is it possible to get RV dealership full-servicing marketing your own way? Does affordable marketing mean the end of customized solutions? Are you relegated to templates and fixed programs. If so, how does that impact you versus your competitor up the road?

It’s important to think through who is providing you with services. Many talk a big game and some even will put on a big show but it’s imperative to your business to look beyond the superficial to obtain real value.

We know the critical nature of leads, inventory management, and presence. This is why our flagship offering for dealerships is This monster mega marketplace delivers classified listings to over 750,000 RV website shopper/visitors a month (and growing). serves as the cornerstone for dealer inventory promotion and inventory integration (both on the site and on your company website). In addition, NetSource Media provides a full and complete suite of integrated digital marketing services for your dealership including web development.

RV Dealership Full-Service Marketing: Unique Offerings That Match Your Dealership

As time marches forward, RV dealerships are becoming more sophisticated in their use of digital marketing services. One of our objectives is to assist, educate, lead, mentor, and guide in this process.We even work to overcome some common misconceptions.

For example, from a limited perspective, it may appear that digital marketing for all dealerships can be the same. Although it would seem to be the case, each dealership is in a unique position. This is because dealerships are all in different phases of transitioning to digital marketing, have varying budgets, possess different internal capabilities and knowledge, emphasize different messages. This is why our high level of custom customer care works so well. We always work with each dealership to identify the right blend of services to meet their budget and goals.

Digital Marketing Your Way


A flexible business model delivers you the option to lead, be led, or we can work cooperatively with us. Customers just let us know how they would like to proceed and we are happy to oblige. As for goals, we can work on building branding and messaging during one quarter and then in the next quarter focus on social, remarketing, and marketing automation. As a full-service agency, we provide you all those services (domestically only) and also integrate them all together to work seamlessly.

Our dedicated account managers assemble plans, in conjunction with our marketing team, that meet our customer’s needs. We always have an eye on lead generation and concentrate strongly upon the dealership’s customer’s buying journey. All our customer feedback is feed back to our internal technical marketing team so that we continually tun and refine offerings and execution.

For example, recently we rolled out an updated version of our remarketing and geo-location programs. These offerings provide RV dealerships the capability to deliver persistent digital advertisements to targeted prospects without managing an email list or continually generating new content.

Remarketing & Geofencing

To stay top of mind, remarketing delivers ads to previous website visitors. As visitors continue to browse the web, your ads will follow them. This top of mind, ad persistence is often the key to deeper engagement and ensure you are the dealer of choice.

Geotargeting and geofencing provide unique opportunities to target prospects based upon their physical location. We have a very unique geofencing offering that is highly accurate and delivers ads inside of applications for mobile devices. Geo provides both an offensive and defensive approach to reaching shoppers. On the offensive side you can directly target other dealers locations and on the defensive side you can target visitors to your on lot. In either case, you can deliver ad impressions to stay top of mind.

Executive Summary

The bottom line, RV dealership full-service marketing demands providing advanced tools and techniques in creative ways to reach buyers. We have a multitude of targeted, affordable and advanced digital marketing methods all designed to obtain more leads to grow your business. Our knowledge of the buyer’s journey, industry methods, and marketing tools makes NetSource Media an unrivaled leader in delivering leads to RV dealers for over 20 years. Give us a call today at 800-709-3240 to discover the right digital marketing solutions for your dealership.

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