Well, we are physically located in Ocala, Florida, but ONLINE you can find us just about anywhere.

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On the RVUSA.com Facebook page, I’m posting updates about our new website tools and features we are adding or have added, when a new company signs up with us and any other tidbits of knowledge you need to know about.

On Twitter, we are NOW posting up to five (5) RV For Sale ads per hour.  So if you are a Dealer Partner or Platinum Dealer on our website – your inventory is getting posted to Twitter.com for you.  I just checked the Stats in Twitter for the past seven days and it’s has generated 171 clicks on the RV’s we’ve posted for sale.  I expect that number to at least double with the changes I just made to that feed.

On MySpace, it’s more of a relaxed environment, not really pushing RVs for Sale but would really like to gather a network of MySpace RVers to share ideas with and build relationships with anyone in the RV Industry who are on that website.

Everyone has a website they prefer and I want to make sure I’m accessible to you on as many as I can, so if I’ve missed one that you are on, please let me know.


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Cindy Spencer  🙂

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