Did you know that about 95% of people in the USA currently own a smartphone? When you think of the number of people who currently use smartphones, it is easy to see why having a mobile friendly website is extremely important for your dealership. People are spending more time online on the go, and less time on desktops… Even Google is taking notice! And when Google takes notice, maybe you should too.

Google Loves Mobile Sites

When Google loves something, you need to love it too! For some time now, Google has been giving priority in ranking to sites with mobile-friendly versions. They are now looking at the mobile site before they even think about the desktop version of the site. So if you want to be seen in search, it is time to step up your mobile website design!

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People Are Always on Their Phones

Love it or hate it, people are almost always attached to their phones. They are either browsing social media, shopping, or communicating… With people being so connected all of the time, it should come as no surprise that they would do the majority of their online shopping through their smart phones. Not only are people shopping with their phones, they are also slightly more impulsive and want what they are searching for RIGHT AWAY. If a shopper lands on a non-mobile friendly site, they they will bounce away faster than you can load a popup. This means that if you aren’t mobile friendly you are losing out on sales!

Shopping on the Go

You may think that people aren’t shopping for RVs on their phones, but you would be wrong. Since people are constantly on the go, it makes sense that the would be shopping for everything online, including vehicles.

Many people now are full time RV living and these people are highly likely to shop for a new rig from their phones or tablets.

People also tend to be more impulsive. Looking for something NOW and if they are out and about, looking for some RVs to look at, and they come across a website that isn’t compatible with the mobile format, they are likely to just click off and go to a competitor’s site.

Get Your Dealership Mobile Friendly

Are you ready to go mobile friendly yet? Give one of our web design experts a call to move your business into the new age of digital marketing today!



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