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Dealership Review Generation With Snap 21

Dealership Review Generation and Referral Automation

Get more reviews AND referrals with our exclusive partnership

Automate and elevate your review and referral process with NetSource Media’s exclusive partnership with Snap21. Positive reviews are essential for dealerships – both for giving potential customers a positive impression of your business, AND for boosting your business in local search results. This dealership review generation system makes your online rating reflect the real quality of the work you deliver and gets your happy customers to share their experience with their friends and family. The best part? It’s all with just a simple snap of a photo from your sales team.

How Snap21 Works:

Your salesperson takes a snap of their customer with their new purchase using the Snap21 app.

Then, Snap21 does the rest.

This automated system sends the photo to the customer, prompting them to write a review and share their photo socially. It’s way more effective and takes your sales team way less effort compared to traditional dealership review generation methods of manual follow up and requests.

More positive reviews can help skyrocket you to the top of local search results. This, in turn, leads to more foot traffic, more website clicks and more phone calls from customers in your local area.

But Snap21 doesn’t stop there. It also prompts your customer to share that photo and proud moment with their network on social media.

When they do so, your dealership gets free advertising to their friends and family.

Snap 21 process
1/3 of Snap21 photos get shared to social media

81%of customers click on the Snap21 invitation to view their photo, and 1/3 of Snap21 photos get shared to social media.

Your happy customers become your biggest promoters. That means more referrals and more revenue – with minimal effort on your part.

Over HALF of people who receive a Snap leave a review. It’s a minimal time commitment from your team with huge returns for your online reputation and ability to reach your local market.

No other dealer-specific digital marketing company can offer you this dealership review and referral generation service because of our exclusive partnership with Snap21.

Take control of your reputation without adding a heavy workload to your sales staff. Get more rave reviews, rank higher in search results and get free promotion from your customers on social media.

Cruise Control for your reviews + referrals graphic

Cruise Control
for your Reviews + Referrals

Why Reviews Matter For Your Business

Snap21 Boosts Your Online Image

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Get Reviews on Google + Yelp

Show off your best qualities where your potential customers are searching.

Testimonial In Snap21

Share Testimonials On Social

Make your happy customers your dealership's next social media post.

Snap21 Gets Your Sales Staff on Board with Improving Your Reputation

Salesperson Profiles in Snap21

Salesperson Profiles

Let customers get to know your staff before the sale.

Social Posts for Salespeople in Snap21

Social Posts for Salespeople

Allow salespeople to promote their work to their own network.

Direct Referral Requests in Snap21

Direct Referral Requests

Encourage customers to send a referral link directly to your salesperson.

Monthly Reports in Snap21

Monthly Reports

Track which salespeople are the best at boosting your reputation.


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